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This is my second instalment in my weekly 'Versus' series to clear up common arguments I get asked of who would win in a fight, this week its to settle who would win out of the god and demi god. Thor vs. Wonder Woman.

To clarify we are going off of the original male Thor as that's the major one and mostly the New 52 Wonder Woman as that's the most recent and relevant. Lets meet the combatants:


God of looking damn badass!
God of looking damn badass!

Thor the God of Thunder, son of Odin, Thor's father decided his son needed to be taught humility and consequently places Thor (without memories of godhood) into the body and memories of an existing, partially disabled human medical student, Donald Blake. Although now the two characters have become seperate and Thor became his true self.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Extended Life- Thor is incredibly long-lived and relies upon periodic consumption of the Golden Apples of Idunn to sustain his extended lifespan.
  • Super Strength- Thor is physically the strongest of the Asgardians. He can throw an object out of Earth's atmosphere using his strength, and throw his hammer to Asgard from which it will return. If pressed in battle, Thor is capable of entering into a state known as the "Warrior's Madness", which will temporarily increase his strength and stamina tenfold, although in this state he attacks friend and foe alike.
  • Incredibly tough- Thor possesses a very high resistance to physical injury that approaches invulnerability.
  • Super Senses- Thor possesses keen senses that allow him to track objects travelling faster than light and hear cries from the other side of the planet.
  • Super Stamina- His stamina allowed him to battle the entire Frost Giant army for nine months without any sustenance or rest.
  • Healing Ability- Thor has shown the ability to regenerate wounded portions of his body including entire limbs or organs, with the aid of magical forces such as Mjolnir.
  • Super Speed- Thor has superhuman speed, agility, and reflexes, enabling him to deflect bullets with his hammer.
  • Immunity- Like all Asgardians, he has immunity to all Earthly diseases and some resistance to magic.
  • Weather Control- As the Norse god of thunder, Thor can summon the elements of the storm (lightning; rain; wind; snow) and uses Mjolnir as a tool to focus this ability, although the hammer cannot command artificial weather, only natural. He can cause these weather effects over the world and destroy entire buildings; by whirling his hammer he can lift entire buildings with the wind. Thor has shown some control over the Earth.
  • Excellent Fighter- Thor is a superb hand-to-hand combatant, and is skilled in armed combat, excelling in the use of the war hammer, sword, axe and mace. Thor possesses two items which assist him in combat: the enchanted Belt of Strength, and his signature weapon, the mystical hammer Mjolnir.
  • Flight- Thor can fly at supersonic speeds in Earth's atmosphere and travel faster than light in space. When Thor has to transport companions and/or objects to a destination by himself, he has a chariot drawn by two huge mystical goats called Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder that can fly nearly anywhere he desires almost as easily as with Mjolnir.


  • Mjolnir link- When Mjolnir was damaged, Doctor Strange bound Thor's soul into Mjolnir, meaning that if the hammer were to be broken again, Thor may die.
  • Reliance- Mjolnir is responsible for half of Thor's powers, if he loses it he can no longer use these.
  • High Level Magic- Although Thor can fend off some magic he cant to powerful sorcery.
  • Rage- When he uses "Warriors Madness" Thor loses his mind leading him to possibly lose strategic advantage.

Wonder Woman:

Demi-Godly Awesomeness
Demi-Godly Awesomeness

A member of the ancient warrior race of the Amazons.The demigoddess daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, king of the Greek Gods. She travelled to America under the secret identity Diana Prince and became the superhero now known as Wonder Woman. Currently, Diana has taken on the role and title as the new "God of War".

Powers and Abilities:

Wonder Woman receives her powers as a blessing from Olympian deities

  • Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and fertility, blessed Diana with strength drawn from the Earth spirit Gaea, making her one of the physically strongest heroes in the DC Universe and the strongest female heroine of all in the DC Universe. Her connection to the earth allows her to heal at an accelerated rate so long as she is in contact with the planet. In rare cases where she has been gravely injured, Diana showed the ability to physically merge with the earth, causing whatever injuries or poisons to be expelled from her body; such an act is considered sacred, and can only be used in extreme cases.
  • Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, granted Diana great wisdom, intelligence, and military prowess. Athena's gift has enabled Diana to master over a dozen languages (including those of alien origin), multiple complex crafts, sciences and philosophies, as well as leadership, military strategy, and armed and unarmed combat. More recently, Athena bound her own eyesight to Diana's, granting her increased empathy.
  • Artemis, goddess of the hunt, animals, and the Moon, graced Diana with the Eyes of the Hunter and unity with beasts. The Eyes of the Hunter ability gives Diana a full range of enhanced senses, including telescopic vision and super hearing.
  • Hestia, goddess of hearth and home, granted Diana sisterhood with fire. This power has been shown to control the "Fires of Truth," which Diana wields through her lasso, making anyone bound by it unable to lie. This ability also grants her resistance to both normal and supernatural fire.
  • Hermes, the messenger god of speed, granted Diana superhuman speed and the ability to fly. She is capable of flying at speeds approaching half the speed of light. She can react quickly enough to deflect bullets, lasers, and other projectiles with her virtually impenetrable bracelets. Wonder Woman does not naturally possess the power of flight.
  • Aphrodite, goddess of love, bestowed Diana with stunning beauty, as well as a kind heart.
  • Great Resistance- While not invulnerable, she is highly resistant to great amounts of concussive force and extreme temperatures. Edged weapons or projectiles applied with sufficient force, though, are able to pierce her skin. Due to her divine origins, Diana can resist many forms of magical manipulation.
  • Astral Projection- She is able to astrally project herself into various lands of myth. Her physical body reacts to whatever happens to her on the mythical astral plane, leaving her body cut, bruised, or sometimes strengthened once her mind and body are reunited. She can apparently leave the planet through meditation, and did this once to rescue Artemis while she was in hell.
  • War Powers- Diana has not exhibited her full powers as War, but is seen to slip easily into telepathic rapport with a soldier, explaining "I am War. I know all soldiers, and they know me."
  • Lasso of Truth- Forces anybody ensnared by it to tell the truth.
  • Bracelets- Bracelets can repel projectiles.


  • Sharpness- Wonder Woman is vulnerable to piercing weapons such as swords, arrows, and bullets. This is why she needs to use the gauntlets to protect herself from ranged projectile.
  • Gases and Poison- When inhaled she is vulnerable to most forms poison when she can't merge with the Earth.

The Rules

1. This one shall be a sudden fight, no planning just turn up and fight

2. This fight shall take place in a plain location, no city nearby or civilisation.

Who I think would win:

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman


I believe that they are on par with most of their abilities considering both are at god level but Wonder Woman is the god of war. She is in contact with all soldiers which Thor is still occasionally. Although she could be hit with arrows of swords that Thor could use her speed with her bracelets could deflect them. If she could ensnare Thor in the lasso (enchanted by gods=high level magic) he would tell her his weakness as being away from Mjolnir then she would struggle but would eventually free it from him from which its a home straight of beating the crap out of him.


Who do you think would win?


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