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Andrew Brindley

I've been watching Gotham for the past few weeks and I have serious doubts that it's going to make it to a Season 3 at best.

I've had lengthy conversations with various people who also watch the show and they all have had the same thought: "We want Batman!!!". Many of the people I've talked to about Gotham all say that they wished Batman was in it to liven things up a bit. Now it's understand that the show is about Gotham's origins as well as Batman's. But without Bats, will this show really make it? It's a sad thing to watch every episode and know that were never going to see the Villains truly meet their match up against the Caped Crusader. But the worst part will be when the show ends with Bruce becoming Gotham's Savior with nothing to follow.

People might think that Fox's Gotham is similar to the CW's Smallville. It's not. With Smallville you had Clark, who was constantly learning and honing his powers throughout his teenage years. Clark was always Superman. Just without the title and the Cape. But with Bruce, this is not the case. Bruce Wayne becomes Batman in his late 20's.

I'm just not sure the shows characters and plot lines are going to hold an audience for and extended period of time.


How do you feel about Gotham's future?


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