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With news about a first teaser to officially be released in the next month or so for Snyder's highly anticipated Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it has been rumored that it will be "Batman heavy." Now, it will be curious if they meant the trailer, or the actual film. I'm inclined to think the latter however, even though this is technically suppose to be a [Man of Steel](movie:15593) follow up.

If you think about it, this isn't Superman vs Batman. As the title suggests, Batman aka Bruce Wayne will take center stage in this film so to speak. The thing is, in this new DCU, Superman has already been established, and we all know that the Nolan Trilogy will not exist in this universe. Batman has to be grounded into this new universe. They won't go into another drawn out origin - it will be very redundant and droll - Batman will already be a known figure fighting crime with years of experience, so the film makers will have to achieve some back story and character development.

Courtesy of Batman-News:

Could this be the very object needed to bridge that gap together? This was shot from Dawn of Justice renowned reporter Bananadoc during the week, and it is clearly a make-shift cemetery. What we see is a tomb and to the right of that, some tombstones. Look closely at the tomb:

It is obvious that this cemetery is that of the Waynes. We can also safely assume that the tombstones are of the family members:

It's speculated that this could be Snyder's nod to the scene of having Bruce Wane, played by Ben Affleck, visit his parent's grave. I doubt they will go into the whole reenactment of the murder, but Batman is said to be very angry at this point in his life, and this could very well give us reasoning behind it. Maybe this will give him some sanity as we see him visit his parents?

Or it could be part of a flashback funeral scene. Also spotted on the grounds were older looking cars and a hearse:

They need to give this version of Batman some back story and I think this is a fantastic way to go. What do you guys think? I know Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice isn't slated until 2016, but with all the hype surrounding this film, we will take any crumb of evidence we can get!


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