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Okay... before we finish up this casting poll, let's make something clear: I started this before the Age of Ultron trailer was leaked, so I had no clue that Andy Serkis would (potentially) be cast in the role (though I will say I am not surprised by the characters presence).

Say what?!?
Say what?!?

If in fact Serkis is playing the role of Ulysses Kalw (which, let's face it... the resemblance is uncanny) it is clearly a phenomenal choice.

BUT--we've yet to get to the final round of our own casting! So, let's get to it.


Christopher Waltz or Michael C. Hall?

Thanks for playing along, folks. This has been fun for me. Next up is a poll I'm really looking forward to, You Cast the Villain is casting Moonstone! Be on the lookout.


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