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James Bond is no longer just a movie franchise. We could easily say that the birtish special agent is now more a culture icon not just for England, but for all that elegance means for men. We all have wanted to be James Bond at least once.

So, after a lot of discussions, we know Sam Mendes (Skyfall) is set to return alongside with Daniel Craig for the yet untitled Bond 24 (which I've always believed is a quite good name for a Bond movie). Other names like Dave Batista (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Léa Seydoux (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) have been rumoured to join the new Bond's adventure, eyed to be released on October of 2015.

Adele (who is now out of the musical buzz) made history by being the first performer to get an Oscar for the main title's song of a James Bond movie. We have to remember that this element is a key point for the succes of this saga I doubt Adele is willing to return for a second chance to make the Bond 24 song, so I think it's time to start looking for a name who is able to create something even better than Adele's Skyfall was.

Is your best bet not here? Let me know in your comments below.

10.- Robbie Williams

Nationality: England

Why he's the one: It's no secret that cool Robbie has desired to be the chosen one to make a Bond song for a long time,but it seems that Barbara Broccoli has never liked his music. In the early 00's, Williams openly declared he was up to the task (back in the times of Die Another Day), but finally the work was given to Madonna, receiving mixed results.

I think that if Robbie is ever hired, it would be the equivalent to our generation of the style that Tom Jones established with Thunderball 50 years ago, fresh, still young and very powerful.

Real Possibilities: Low. Robbie Williams is very active, but he's not the brand new voice that he was 15 years ago, he's no longer a musical novelty.

9.- Michael Bublé

Nationality: Canada

Why he's the one: Being called as the "Sinatra's heir" is not a title you receive everyday. Bublé has earned a special place in today's charts with very different songs that you could catalog in very different genres. Although I love his pop style, I can't deny his soul, R&B and soft blues is just amazing. His last album, To Be Loved, wasn't the most succesful one, but he has proven that he's able to perform very powerful melodies and take his voice to the limit (not everyone can sing acapella at the Madison Square Garden). With tracks like Cry Me A River, Feeling Good -which video is an obvious tribute to Bond movies- and Hold On, this guy could be just the pefect choice.

Even when he hasn't shown interest in making the song, he does have previous experience with movies, Sway, Save The Last Dance For Me and Home are songs from his albums that have been already used in lots of movies and TV shows.

Real Possibilities: Medium. He has to release a new CD to be considered. Some new hits on the radio could be very useful.

8.- Miguel Bosé

Nationality: Spain

Why he's the one: Ok, readers, calm down. Even when Bosé has a very enviable career by his work with latin pop music, he has in deed released several songs in english and worked with lots of non-spanish artists like Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Michel Stipe, just to mention a few. In addition, his english is perfect and he sings just as good in this language.

In fact, just like Williams and Bublé, he has his own videoclip recreating the classic sequences of Sean Connery's movies as the special agent 007. Even when you could think Bosé is just another spanish pop singer, in the past 10 years his music has not been exactly focused on this genre, experiencing with orchestra, rock and alectronic music, Miguel is definetely one of the most complete artists you can find today.

Real Possibilities: None. It's sad to realize no spanish singer will receive this honor. Ever.

7.- Take That

Nationality: England

Why they're the ones: No band has composed a James Bond song since Garbage's The World Is Not Enough, 15 years ago. It's clear that a James Bond song will not fall in hands of an american -remember Chris Cornell?- soon, so if Mendes is looking for an atractive, powerful and energizing option, Take That is the best one.

Matthew Vaughn got great results when he let this amazing boyband make the main song for his movies Stardust and most recently X-Men: First Class. It could be right now the best moment to hire these boys, who are now releasing a new album, now without Robbie Williams and Jason Orange, who left the band a couple months ago.

Real Possibilities: High. Take That is very present in today's musical buzz in England, maybe not worldwide recognized, but very popular at the moment. They would do a great job.

6.- Jess Glynne

Nationality: England

Why she's the one: Don't feel bad if you're not familiar with the name, but it's almost impossible you haven't heard her amazing voice yet. She's the redhead lady behind the instant succes of Rather Be, the single that put Glynne and Clean Bandit on the map.

Her style is quite unique and incomparable, her strong voice just makes you want to listen to more music of hers. She has recently worked with Route 94 in My Love and released her first single called Right Here, and I`m needless to say it's just amazing. Looking for a new James Bond hit on the charts? Get her a good composer, because everything else is already set with her.

Real Possibilties: Medium. It's not a bad idea to look for new talents and not very known names for a new Bond song, let's remember Alicia Keys, whose work to the saga (Quantum) was exactly the boost her career needed.

5.- Lindsey Stirling

Nationality: USA

Why she's the one: Stirling has made his career thanks to her amazing talent and her intelligence to use YouTube and the social networks to make her songs known and her style beloved by thousands around the world. Starting in Got Talent in the USA, she has created songs by her own and tributes to a lot a movies by remaking classic themes with her electrizing violin.

Yep, she's american, but she could be immune to the obstacle of "not giving the Bond song to americans" precisely because of her kind of music. Let's say the violins speaks for her, and if there's the need to sing, well, she can do it pretty good. Want proof? Just check the lovely song she made with Owl City or her Lord Of The Rings Medley. Both options are nice: let her make the music with other performer singing, or let her do the lyrics as well.

Real Possibilities: Medium. I doubt Sam Mendes knows this girl. Hope he's reading this.

4.- Justin Timberlake

Nationality: USA

Why he's the one: Justin Timberlake has become one of the most poular singers on Earth in the past 4 years. The level of complexity in his music and lyrics has improved in a very impressive way, and maybe the 20/20 Experience and his work in different films (except for Runner Runner) is the ultimate proof of it.

I don't really know what's gonna be the way Sam Mendes is planning to take Bond in the next film, but Timberlake's music could easily adapt to anything. Just put any song from the latest JT's album and imagine a classic opening sequence in a James Bond... it fits, right?

Real Possibilities: Medium. He's very popular... and very american.


Nationality: USA

Why they're the ones: I know you will understand me when you have that secret band that you love but no one else seems to know about them, and you feel kind of special of being one of the few aware of their great music, but a bit sad at the same time because you want the whole world to meet them. Well, that's precisely the thing that happens to me with DWNTWN.

This amazing group is just starting, but I'm conviced these guys are in the right path. With catchy songs like 'Til Tomorrow, Missing You and Hungry Hearts, this could be the secret, new and unexpected style Sam Mendes wants to give to their audiences in the next opening scene.

Real Possibilities: None. But, listen to them anyway, you won't regret. I promise.

2.- Lorde

Nationality: New Zealand

Why she's the one: The whole world loves this girl's voice. Tracks like Royals and Team were enough to position her as the perfect alternative choice for today's female pop singers. With only 17 years old, Lorde can be the right option to create a new James Bond classic song. Let's say I had to make a ranking in this list, but if we were completely fair, the first place would be shared with Sam Smith.

Real Possibilities: High. She's not on the chats right now, but it's just a matter of time for her return.

1.- Sam Smith

Nationality: England

Why he's the one: He's british, he's popular, he's got the Bond style of music, he sings beautiful and there are rumours he has already signed for the job.

According to The Guardian and The New York Post, the day this post is being published, Barbara Broccoli has said "Yes" to Smith, and he will make the main song for Mendes' Bond 24.

Real Possibilities: Well, let's say there were other 9 really cool options before him.


You're the producer and they give you this list, which one would you hire?


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