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Andrew Gray

This week's pick:

The Multiversity: The Just #1
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Ben Oliver

The Multiversity continues its dimensional road trip of the 52 universes with The Just #1. Earth-16 is an eternally peaceful world populated by the bored, celebrity children and grandchildren of The Justice League. Returning to his Zenith roots, Grant Morrison is in perfect form crafting the hedonistic-heroic world of The Just. He uses of the listlessness of the characters and story to explore the overarching threat of the Gentry in more detail than the previous two issues would allow. That threat, a poisonous, sentient story that bleeds through dimensions, is pure Morrison high-concept fun. What’s also fun is picking apart the origins and influences of all the superhero children, taken from a huge span of DC stories like Kingdom Come, The Johns-Donner Action Comics run, 52, and Morrison’s own Son of Batman and Final Crisis. Ben Oliver’s more realistic pencils and colors are a perfect match for the TMZ-like vibe of the book.

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What's been the best issue of The Multiversity so far?


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