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A highly debated topic among the community which watches The Flash is whether or not the character Harrison Wells is indeed the Reverse Flash. Personally unless there is a twisted explanation for how he could be, then he certainly wouldn't be from the same timeline as Grant Gustin's incarnation. It was revealed from the first episode that Eddie Thawne is a police detective working for Iris' dad Joe in this universe. And most comics fans are aware that Professor Zoom's a.k.a. Reverse Flash's identity was in fact Eddie Thawne (yes I know there are several incarnations but I am talking in relevance to the show rn). That being said, he and Wells are two separate characters and therefore he couldn't be Professor Zoom. Right?

Actually it still would be possible. However, that would mean that Harrison Wells would have to be Eddie Thawne from the future. It's an interesting proposal and one that many are considering as a possibility for the purpose of Harrison Wells being a character in this universe. However, that theory wouldn't exactly explain why he would be helping Barry in his efforts to protect the city. Another possibility being discussed is that he could be Barry Allen from the future? However, in the latest episode of The Flash, we learned that Harrison Wells was willing to kill Simon Stagg in order to protect [The Flash](series:1068303). Would the Flash really kill someone if he thought it was necessary? Harrison Wells added an important comment that was very telling of the character when he stabbed Simon Stagg.

"He's called The Flash -- or he will be -- and he must be protected"

The character that Harrison Wells is playing is definitely hard to figure out in terms of placing an identity on it. It also doesn't help that he has no history whatsoever in the DC Universe and its comics. Honestly his character could be something that directors and writers sort of weave into a plausible storyline for a real character. Otherwise, there really is no point for having suspenseful scenes of him doing strange things in his free time. It is obvious that he has to have some substantial villain or hero role. The question is what is it exactly?

An interesting point was made by Russ Berlingame of During one of the episodes, Harrison Wells refers to himself as a "pariah". Well many people are taking this as an easter egg hint to a very interesting DC Comics Hero: Pariah.

Pariah DC Comics Hero involved in Crisis on Infinite Earths
Pariah DC Comics Hero involved in Crisis on Infinite Earths

In addition, Berlingame points out a quote made by Wells during the initiation of the particle accelerator.

"I feel like I've been waiting centuries for this"

This could be evidence that it was Pariah because Pariah was cursed to live eternally. He witnessed the destruction of many worlds before being taken to the next one that the Anti-Monitor would destroy. Over time many centuries would've passed for him. Or it could be that he knows the inevitable event and just has to wait a long time for it to come to pass. It's a loose connection but we'll throw this possibility in the mix just for discussion purposes.

Again there are a lot of weird theories for Harrison Wells' real purpose in this show. Personally i believe that Wells is in fact a character not well known to the universe just because of the lack of clues people are able to put together currently in trying to solve this mystery. You know what I think, but I'm curious to hear what you opinion is. Leave a comment below if you want to start a discussion or just want to address me directly.

UPDATE: October 28, 2014 9:31 A.M.

It has come to my attention that there is another possibility for Harrison Well's purpose in this universe. It is very possible that Harrison Wells could be the passive observer of DC time himself: Metron

Metron along with Lex Luthor (Metron is on the left, Luthor on the right)
Metron along with Lex Luthor (Metron is on the left, Luthor on the right)

Metron in the comics is a character in the DC Universe known for not being an active participant in the timeline. Mostly he is known for observing events and traveling through time. His goal? Only to find greater knowledge than his own. His ability to travel to time would definitely explain that newspaper he has acquired about the Flash in the future.

Future Newspaper from the Flash pilot episode
Future Newspaper from the Flash pilot episode

Like Wells, Metron is a genius who craves exploration of the unknown. Another very interesting connection between the two is that they both ride around in chairs. I know that sounds strange but bear with me here.

Wells in his Chair
Wells in his Chair

Metron travels in a chair he invented called the Moebius Chair. It allows him to travel through time, other dimensions, and outer space. Conincidentally, Harrison wells himself rides around in a chair due to the particle accelerator accident. Now, the difference is that as of right now, there is no indication that his chair has any special properties so far in the show and it pretty much just looks like a generic power wheelchair. Then again, the show is only three episodes into its first season. We might need more time to see more clues before we use this as a legitimate connection.

Again I would caution people who support this theory not only because of the lack of real evidence but also because of precursor events in comics. We know that Metron is a passive observer of time. Knowing that he is passive and not active, if he was Metron, his actions would not support his character history. For example, he killed a man in cold blood. Not very passive. Yeah he said it was to protect the flash, but when in the comics does he actually care about anything other than the acquiring of vast knowledge? Also, in the latest episode he knew that Barry Allen would get his powers from the particle accelerator exploding. This infers...and this might get confusing so read this a few times if this doesn't make sense...that he created the particle accelerator, knew it would explode, didn't do anything to stop it as a result, knew where and when Barry Allen would be, and knew Barry Allen would be struck by lightning. So, if you add up the previous facts, you come to the conclusion that Wells caused Barry to get his powers. Weird right? Again, clearly not proof of passive observation that the comics characterize Metron to be involved in. Wells being Metron is a possibility, but one that needs more epsiode clues to for me to feel strongly about it.

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