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Everyone who watches horror films in the past decade or so should be familiar with this tried and tested formula of dumb teenagers who are embroiled in dumb plots for audiences who buy tickets for cheap scares worth half the price, and should rather be sold straight to DVD to find moderate success. Again this B-Rated horror flick, that has been critically panned is somehow feeding on the fears of young audiences and turning into a commercial success (mostly to being the first ad to feature on snap-chat) using cliched and overused sequences that boggles my mind why any one would watch this. Seriously I could predict everything that happened in the film right from the start to the end.

Now the characters are also super cliched, a whole group of teens who try to contact their dead friend. Is that what people do when some one dies close to them. Naturally these idiots use a 'mysterious, ancient' Ouija board to contact their dead friend, because thats what people do these days right? As I sat through the theatre I saw this one sequence (which was also a snippet in the trailer) where the guy stands in front of mirror and que the most cliched event happens, a demon/ghost/spirit/whatever appears in front and smashes his body (woah didn't see that coming) they don't even smash his head, like what is the point of that if he isn't hurt? I wanted to see him at least freaked out, not some dumb expression (show's how much effort the casting director put in for the film).

Really? No way. Lets do it anyway :)
Really? No way. Lets do it anyway :)

The next character (whose name I forgot because I couldn't care less about her) was the friend who was 'deeply' affected by the death of her friend, a person stupid enough to put her family and friends in danger because of being a belligerent depressed selfish idiot. Wait why is she even depressed or wants to do this, the movie never clearly explains the relationship between the girl and her dead friend that its almost impossible to feel any empathy for the character's motivations or her emotional state. I don't even want to bother talking about the rest of the group simply because it would be a waste of time as their characters aren't developed enough to even matter.

The Matrix anyone?
The Matrix anyone?

More over, the so called 'ending' as the director sees it, is one of the worst and makes the whole movie pointless, I look back and try to comprehend what just happened, I think I just lowered my IQ by 5 points by watching this garbage. Kudos to the writing and directing as it is terrible, and now follows the track record of all Michael Bay horror films and action films alike (the terrible nightmare on elm street and Transformers: I wish it would be extinct etc.).

I do not want to even rate this piece of shit because it would a be lets see -1/10 for wasting my time enough for making me write about it. These movie would have been better if they could have give the slightest care for creativity and originality in an overly saturated neo gothic genre nowadays, if all the characters died half way through the movie it would have been a better film. If you want to watch a truly scary and interesting modern supernatural horror flick this week, watch this (probably never heard of it, an indie flick that shares the qualities of th Blair Witch Project)

Grave Encounters (2011)

Ouija is now in cinemas.


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