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There have been a lot of rumors about [The Avengers 3](movie:738027). Two films, new team, Captain America plus a new team, Civil War etc.

Of these rumors I'm going to go with the new team one as well as the two film one.

The Defenders.
The Defenders.

We all know that the Daredevil Netflix show will blow minds and be amazing. I'm not sure entirely how it works but if Daredevil does amazing on Netflix and proves it can make money, can't Marvel air it on abc with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Daredevil is the only one we have a release date for. That's what I think the plan is. Daredevil does what we all know it will do, then we will get more info on the other three shows.

Unlike [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469), I'm sure Daredevil has more freedom with other characters. Example, we will never see Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man or Thor in that show. That will take away what's special about the "not all heroes are super" thing. Daredevil, however is a vigilante hero. His compatriots Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones have powers. These four form the Defenders, there are more of them of course such as Doctor Strange, White Tiger, Tygra and Moon Knight. Marvel could change it up and make Blade, Ghost Rider and Punisher Defenders as well. The Defenders are just as capable of handling things just much as Avengers are. This movie will come out no earlier than 2018. That's three years after the release of their shows. That's three seasons and a lot of episodes between. Fans like us will watch anyway. If the general audience knows that they could see an Avenger on TV they will most likely watch. I say this because the new team rumor will make more sense if the two teams have interacted before.

  • The first half of the first part of the movie should be the Defenders protecting Earth while the Avengers are away. Like I said, the Defenders are capable. Even though it's not their speed, if they had to, they could handle an event like the Battle of New York.
  • A split between the Guardians and Avengers. The first half would focus on them like this. Hulk gets launched into space. The Avengers gear up and bring the Soul Stone (assuming that's what powers Ultron) and chase after him after dealing with Ultron, that's the Avengers side. Whatever may or may not happen in Guardians 2, this film should pick up with the Guardians doing their usual badass thing. They then hear about trouble on Sakaar. I know there is no Planet Hulk. This isn't exactly Planet Hulk. The Avengers don't shoot him off. Ultron does it to make his job easier on Earth. The Guardians go to Sakaar. They were looking for the Soul Stone, but decided to investigate Sakaar. The Hulk is attacking Sakaaran warriors that provoked him. Hulk of course overpowers them so the Guardians step in and try to fight him. By that time the Avengers have found the Hulk and are there to save their teammate. Then the both teams are thrown into the area and there is your fight. They figure out after some cool fighting that they are on the same team. While this happens, Nebula steals the Soul Stone to give to Thanos. While this is going on, Thanos is attacking Earth. The first half ends with the Guardians and Avengers teaming up and rushing back to Earth.

I know this is probably a little long for one film, but the second half should really focus on heroes vs Thanos. I know there are many possibilities for this film right now. This is just one of like a million that will come out before we get confirmation.


Avengers 3?


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