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'Alien: Isolation' released only a few weeks ago (PS3/PS4/360/XBO/PC) and I have just completed it...longest game I've played in aggggeeesss!!! But god damn did I love every second! ;)

The somewhat direct sequel (give or take 15 years between them in story :P) to Ridley Scott's 'Alien', the player follows Amanda Ripley (daughter of the iconic Ellen Ripley) as she goes to search for answers of her mother's disappearance. It was great to finally see an evolved character of Amanda since we only meet her briefly in James Cameron's 'Aliens' but that said, only in the director's cut was she a fully realised character. Amanda at that point has already died at the ripe ole' age of 55 as Ellen Ripley discovers after being lost in space since the original film.

This story takes place with Amanda in her twenties (around 26-ish I'm sure...) and Weyland-Yutani hire her to retrieve the Nostromo space recorder from a drifting gas rig known as Sevastopol Station :) Upon arrival all is wrong, the station is deserted and who ever is alive has gone mad with paranoia and will kill on site...but that's not all...a deadly Xenomorph is loose and will not hesitate to have its way with ye! :S

The game is the biggest homage to the original film since...well the original film :P The design is based purely of the 1970's vision of the future which is probably one of my favourite aspects of the game :) There's much to love about Isolation being the first game in the franchise to actually do the series justice...lookin' at you Aliens: Colonial Marines...*shakes head*

Image courtesy of Imbord
Image courtesy of Imbord

Anyway...gameplay consists of a stealth and puzzle approach rather than plasma rifle shootin' down hoards of Aliens kinda approach...geeeese Colonial Marines...>_<

Image courtesy of Static Comicvine
Image courtesy of Static Comicvine

Right back again...and this feels far more survival which is basically what Alien is all about surviving the encounter, it's not shootin' practice...*suppress Colonial Marines*...Ripley is a smart, strong and relatable character havin' her wits to be able to build items (e.g. Noisemakers, EMP's, MedKits...) and solve computer/technical problems as ye may notice a lot of the issues in this game are right up Ripley's alley :P

Not only does she need to survive Alien encounters but she also needs to keep her wits about her against paranoid survivors and Android who have a few screws loose...phhhh...:P Ripley is equipped with an arsenal of items to help her sneak, fight and fend off any threat but be wary any decision you make may bring along the wrath of an Alien! o_O

The Alien in Isolation has been designed excellently, the detail (especially when ye get up will soil your pants! :P) is precise and was created by Creative Assembly (CA) to be completely unscripted meaning that it may appear, disappear whenever it pleases so if ye decide to shoot someone be sure to expect the noise to bring it scrapin' through the vents towards ye! >_<

Now I'd just like to take a minute an tend to the negative reaction some people have given's seriously true, ye can't please everyone! :\ The game isn't for impatient gamers, those who wish to storm through the estimated 15 hour gameplay with their revolver, shotgun and flamethrower...

Image courtesy of Pinterest
Image courtesy of Pinterest

This game ain't for you...go play Colonial Marines if ye want a horrible Alien game that deserves ye snarky comments! :P Isolation lives to the potential and deserves its place in the canon timeline, sure the story isn't stellar but it is good enough to have the game and characters make sense! ;) I liked to story to be honest, it's no 'The Last of Us', but the tale for a daughter seekin' closure of her disappeared mother is told beautifully in this game and ye can honestly feel sorry for Amanda to come all this way to only have to fight for her right to grieve properly! :( And I like how CA have mirrored Ellen's experience in Alien into Amanda's story to make it feel like she is walkin' in her mother's footsteps! :) Seriously everyone jus be happy this game was made, otherwise it could of been bye-bye to Alien game franchise! ;)

*Sigh*...ok rant over...:P Alien: Isolation is honestly one of my top games this year and I would happily play it again on a harder mode to live the experience the way it's recommended! ;) Alien fans give it a go, you'll get a big kick out of the art, design, detail and the story in the Alien all fits together so well...fingers crossed for a sequel, I don't believe Amanda's story is over just yet...XD


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