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Hello guys and welcome to another update of LEGO© Batman Beyond Gotham.

This time is it mixed characters!

First out is:

The Grey Ghost who is a grey ghost.

His suit looks fantastic and I specially love the glasses.

To the grey ghost's help he has a gun that he can shut people with.

Second we have Mr. Freeze and he doesn't look the same as he did in the previous games. In this game he has the suit that he has in Batman Arkham City. And it's looks incredible awesome I think. It's way cooler than the previous suits that he had in Batman, Batman 2.

To Mr. Freeze help he has his ice gun. And with that he can freeze water, put out LEGO fires and of cause freeze enemies.

Now we have the coolest guy in the whole game (now at least ) and that is the Red Hood. He just looks incredible, he looks like it would be a normal person, that just put on a mask and start being a villain or a hero.

To the red hoods help he has two guns that he can shut with.

Next up we have Platinum and she looks very metal. I just love the metallic shine and she is one of the Metal Men.

On the sites that I have search for all those characters I can't find any weapons or abilities to this character.

Last out we have Giganta and she just looks absolutely awesome and I just love that she had the cheetah fur on her like she had killed Cheetah her self.

Gigantas abilities is to grow to a massive size.

I hope you like this post as much that i did and I hope you had looked on my other post of LEGO© Batman Beyond Gotham.


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