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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Hello again, horror fans. As it nears that most horrifying time of the year, I've been faithfully prying around for some of the scariest things the internet has to offer to ready myself for Halloween...

Now, I would say I have a healthy dose of skepticism, but I keep an open mind. So, while looking at these 'Real Ghost Videos,' I've thought about what they could be if they were faked and would love to hear your thoughts, too.

Still, check out this eerie selection of footage - it's kind of convincing. WARNING: you may find it hard to sleep tonight!

The London Underground Ghost

Where: London's underground train system, the Underground.

The Ghost: A figure emerges

Time: It's impossible to see, as it happens so fast, but the tape slows down and you can get a good look at the spooky figure from 00:15.

It could be... some sort of person living in the tunnels.

Watch the full video:


The Thin Man

Where: Unknown news footage

The Ghost: a strange spectral figure

Time: 00:18

It could be... a person walking their dog

Watch the full video here:


The Forecourt Ghost

Where: Parma, Ohio

The Ghost: A blue, cloudy blur

Time: Ghost is visible from 00:09

It could be... doctored camera effects. It's also reminiscent of the 'Will-o-the-Wisp' folkloric phenomenon: atmospheric lights seen by travelers at night.

Watch the full video here:


The Jakarta Angel

Where: Jakarta, Indonesia

The Ghost: a glowing, angelic figure

Time: 00:06

It could be... a falling Christmas decoration on a pulley system

Watch the full video here:


The Barton Mansion Ghost

Where: Barton Mansion, California

The Ghost: a creepy, shrouded figure

Time: 00:15

It could be... a fake mannequin hung up in the dark.

Watch the full video here:


Apologies to anyone who'll have trouble sleeping after seeing this creepy footage... but you were warned!


Which of these eerily real ghost videos creeped you out the most?

Sources: Youtube, Can You Actually


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