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It's almost impossible to resist carving a pumpkin and throwing some spiderwebs around your porch for Halloween, but some inconsiderate souls are hell bent on making the rest of us look bad!

Whatever their inspiration, there's no denying that these pumpkin kings are totally owning Halloween with their epic yard displays, but us casual observers get to enjoy them without running up a huge electric bill.

Who's the winner now, eh?

Blow Up Bonanza

Anyone for a game of human pin ball? It would be a challenge to hurt yourself in this pumpkin patch!


Those Neighbors Are Just Monstrous

I bet you five dollars that the overeager dude with the shit-eating grin will open the door.


Behold! The Pumpkin Kingdom!

My imagination tells me this is a creepy orphanage making a desperate gourd based cry for help, my rationality tells me someone had way too much time on their hands.


Roswell Lite

No wonder that thing crashed, it doesn't really look like it could fly to the local Walmart without disintegrating. Pull your finger out, Aliens!


Sleepy Hollow

In answer to your sign, yes, yes I am.


Go Big, Or Go Home

You wouldn't want to find this spider in your bananas.


Bewitching Warlock

Doesn't he have the most piercing eyes, just like Ian Somerhalder!


Halloween Hell Scape

These guys totally got the trick...


Oh Please, DO Come In!

The candy must be in here somewhere...Just close the door behind you, hun.


The Veggin' Dead

What?! Pumpkins can be infected, too? We're all screwed!


All Hail the Pumpkin King

It's nice to see some dedicated individuals still give the dark lord a proper Halloween homage. What happened to old fashion values, eh?


Would you decorate your house with such immense Halloween enthusiasm?

(Source: Viral Nova and Democratic Underground, XAXOR, Docxie)


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