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'Black Hole Sun' (episode 4) generously coughed up plenty of answers when it came to Kai's shady background, Sarah's parentage, and what became of Enzo after Stefan shot him and left him in Tripp's murderous hands.

Despite all of these cliffhangers being neatly resolved, this fertile episode pushed up a brand new crop of questions which we desperately need answers to. Check out the top 6 puzzlers below:

Can Kai Really Get Everyone Out of 1994?

After being teased as a "psychopath," it's pretty hard to trust in Kai, especially when he is a slippery as a fish when it comes to telling the truth.

Kai's main talents so far appear to be major deception and eating jello like an actual serial killer, so is it possible he is really telling Damon and Bonnie the truth about getting out of purgatory?

Kai might be as desperate to get out as our Mystic Falls twosome are, but he also murdered his whole family. What is there to stop him killing Damon and Bonnie once he has what he needs from them?

It certainly won't be morality...


Who Slaughtered Tripp’s Wife?

Oh, who am I kidding... It was Damon, wasn't it? It's always Damon.


How Long Will Ivy Last?

It was a genuine surprise to see Ivy return (mainly because her character was so insignificant), but how long will this fledgling vampire last?

From the look of the episode 5 preview, it seems like Ivy isn't going to be doing a great job of controlling her bloodlust at Whitmore, and does anyone really care enough about her to mentor her and put her on the straight and narrow?

Something tells me this one will be Tripp fodder in a few episodes...


How Important Are the Gemini Coven?

The Gemini Coven might have been having its name dropped at every available opportunity recently, but how significant are this group of Pacific Northwest witches?

After Kai revealed he murdered his entire family and severely depleted the coven's numbers, I'm sure these guys won't be happy if he escapes 1994, and surely they will want to lock him away somewhere even more despicable.

It's clear that the Gemini Coven will be pretty important in this season, but will they pay a role in helping to set Damon and Bonnie free, or will they want to exact revenge for letting Kai escape?

One thing's for sure, they'd better be cooler than the Travelers!


Whose Side Will Matt Take?

Matt might know what the Mystic Falls community militia is really about now, but how will he react when he's confronted with Enzo being tortured by the man he looks up to?

Matt might technically be on team vampire, but there is no love lost between him and Enzo. That being said, does Enzo really have the honor and resolve to protect the other vampire identities?

In short, Matt is trapped between a rock and a hard place when it comes to this situation. He can either risk helping Enzo and being discovered as an insider by the militia, or risk pretending he doesn't know Enzo and then be revealed as a traitor anyway if Enzo blabs.

It ain't easy being human!


How Will Stefan Respond to Sarah?

We don't know what Sarah wants just yet, but now she knows that her father is Zach Salvatore, she is definitely going to want to meet Stefan.

But, how will the younger Salvatore brother react to Sarah's true parentage? He cared deeply about both her mother and father, so it's entirely possible Stefan will do everything within his power to protect Sarah.

Hell, he might even stay in the greater Mystic Falls area instead of legging it into the distance every five mins.



Which question do you want to have answered the most?

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