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Vampire Diaries fans who were distraught to see the back of ghostly fan favorite Anna will be delighted to hear that actress Malese Jow has landed a major role in The Flash!

The 23-year-old actress will be taking on the role of Barry Allen's (AKA The Flash) love interest, Linda Park, on the hit CW superhero show.

Naturally, Malese was thrilled to land the role and she wasted no time leaping onto Twitter to celebrate:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jow's character will be a "quick-witted reporter" who works for the Central City Picture News. While at work, she befriends Iris (Candice Patton) and helps her navigate the fast paced world of journalism. Lane will meet Barry Allen in a bar and hit it off with the superhero immediately.

Fans can look forward to her first appearance in episode 112.


Are you looking forward to seeing Malese Jow in The Flash

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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