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Matthew Chapman


I loved this movie. I’m a fan of J.J. Abrams and his work on TV and film and was definitely not disappointed with this.

I love that the ‘creature’ was shrouded in secrecy for most of this film, only seeing little bits and pieces; I loved it in Godzilla, in Cloverfield too.

I love the detail of the film, making it look like we are actually with them in 1979. I loved the effects, the cast, the story and pretty much everything about it.

I’m absolutely blown away by the kids and their amazing acting, which is far superior to a lot of the adult actors we have these days. There are obviously adults in the film, the dad (Kyle Chandler) was a douchebag, but in the film they are somewhat background characters and even when they were on the screen, they didn’t capture my focus.

The train crash in the beginning was epic, something you’d expect to see in Transformers but better!

An awesome film, worth a watch and even one to buy, as I now have.


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