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Warning: Massive Walking Dead TV show and comic book spoilers coming up!

In the lead up to the latest Walking Dead episode, "Four Walls and a Roof" star Andrew Lincoln had promised that it would be "brutal and uncompromising" and boy, was he right.

Father Gabriel revealed his dark secret, Bob had the last laugh, and the Termites got dealt with. There's lots to discuss, so come join me for a closer look at the episode.

1 - Rick kept his deadly promise to Gareth

Remember back in the season premiere when Gareth asked Rick what was stashed in the bag buried outside the Terminus walls? As well as listing off a bunch of heavy-duty weaponry, Rick also revealed he had something special in store for Gareth: A machete with a red handle that he was going to use to kill the leader of Terminus.

Well guess what? Rick Grimes is a man of his word. Fast forward to Sunday's episode and Rick butchers Gareth in front of the church alter using that machete.

Feel free to enjoy the bloody carnage one more time, below:

2 - In the end, everyone begs for mercy

Speaking of the bloodbath in the church, wasn't it great to see Gareth beg for mercy shortly before decorating the floors and pews with his blood and guts?

In fact, for those who've read the comics, this has been a long time coming. This scene was lifted almost entirely from the source material, and while the location may have changed - in the comic the Hunters are butchered at their own hideout - the result remains the same.

It starts with Gareth begging for his life...

And ends with Rick brutally taking it...

Very violently...

There was blood...

3 - Bob was tainted meat

This wasn't the only part of the episode that lent heavily on the source material; Bob's revelation that he was "tainted meat" was also taken directly from the page.

In the comic Dale is the unfortunate victim, but pretty much everything else plays out exactly the same.

First there was the reveal:

Then the disgust when the Hunters realized what they'd eaten...

And finally, a kick to the face...

Revenge is a dish best served TAINTED!

4 - Gabriel's dark secret was cowardice

We finally got to learn Gabriel's dark secret in this episode. Turns out the man of the cloth probably skipped over the passage about the Good Samaritan in Sunday School, because when the needy and desperate came knocking at his church, their pleas for sanctuary fell on deaf ears and locked doors.

So is Gabriel a threat to the group? At this stage I'd say probably not. Gareth gave him the opportunity to give up Carl and the rest in return for his own safety, but he refused. Perhaps he's already a changed man?

5 - Who did Daryl bring back with him?

Daryl returned at the very end of the episode and he wasn't alone. Michonne asked him about Carol's whereabouts, but instead of giving a definitive answer he summoned someone from the bushes to join him. The episode ended before we saw their identity. So who was it?

My first thought was the mystery person is Beth. We've seen from the promo for next week that the episode will focus on her story, so perhaps Daryl busted her out and brought her back to safety.

My second theory is that if it's not Beth, it could be a group of other survivors from the hospital. Perhaps Daryl wasn't able to rescue her, but instead managed to save a bunch of other people she was imprisoned alongside.

My final - and most outrageous - theory is the mystery person is Morgan. If Morgan has been following those signs then perhaps he's already stumbled across the group.

What do you guys think?


"Four Walls and a Roof" was....


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