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Playable Characters in Star Wars Battlefront 3

The most successful element of Star Wars Battlefront franchise has been the availability to the millions of fans to take control of some of their favourite characters on the battlefield. Now that DICE have taken control of of the series, we can expect these battlefields to majorly increase in terms of size, characters on screen and maybe even destructibility of environments.

But the question remains, what classes we'll be able to play as? Will the series only be drawing from the original Star Wars trilogy and the upcoming J.J. Abrams film, or will Lucas' new (abysmal) trilogy be featuring also? It's hopefully not too long until all of these details are uncovered. For now though, we can't help but speculate.

Star Wars Episode 7 Characters We'd Like to See

By characters I of course don't only mean Jedi and Sith, but also the ordinary troops that you'll be able to take control of. It is still unknown whether the original formula will make a return, in that we will start off as some kind of Stormtrooper and, based on our capabilities on the battlefield, we will be awarded the opportunity to play as one of the heroes.

Star Wars 7
Star Wars 7

This image has got a lot of people excited for the release of Star Wars 7 and the speculations around the new form of Stromtroopers that exist in the universe. Could this be one of the characters that we'll get to run around as in Star Wars Battlefront 3? Perhaps there is a huge amount of these troopers and we'll get to pick between an assault, sniper or support class. Who knows? Maybe DICE are going to completely abandon the old formula.

Would you, as fans of the Star Wars universe, be glad to see a return of the Clone Wars classes? To be honest, though I despise the films, I always enjoyed talking control of the droids and even the droidekas. Also, the ability to play as Darth Maul granted you complete control over your enemy. The guy could annihilate anyone, anywhere! Therefore, I've no desire to see them completely removed from the new instalment.

The Inquisitor, would also make a great addition to the game. Seeing as he appears to be the villain for Star Wars Episode 7, his appearance in the game could be something very safe to bet upon. Darth Vader is sure to make an appearance at some point also. What do you think with regards to a campaign in the game, will there be a narrative thread as opposed to simple domination over all the planets?

Let me know what you guys think about and want from Star Wars Battlefront 3!


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