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Set in the fictional open world metropolis Sunset City in 2027, players control a fully customizable FizzCo employee who fights the OD'd, humans transformed into monsters after consuming an energy drink.

Sunset Overdrive is an open world, third-person shooter by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft for the Xbox One. Players wall-run and use zip-lines and grind rails to swiftly navigate Sunset City, and have a large weapon arsenal to use in action

Gamertag Gaming: 8/10 - 'Shreds' on the Xbox One! Sunset Overdrive is a crazy adrenaline fueled roller coaster ride of random characters and weird and wonderful objectives. Sunset Overdrive delivers on everything you didn't expect! Super fun!


Players navigate the open world metropolis Sunset City in 2027. The dystopian world is controlled by the corporation FizzCo. The player character, whose gender, skin tone and body type can be customized, is a FizzCo employee, tasked with cleaning up the mess left behind from a party FizzCo has thrown in celebration of the launch of their new energy drink, Overcharge Delirium XT. Players fight the OD'd humans who have mutated from drinking too much of the energy drink.

The game focuses on "agile combat", including wall running, zip-lines, and acrobatics. Players use grind rails to deftly navigate city streets. On-foot, players cannot run or take cover, but instead must rely on agility to survive. Players can carry up to eight weapons at once, including the standard assault rifle AK-Fuckyouup, and the TNTeddy grenade launcher that fires teddy bears strapped to sticks of dynamite.

All weapons eventually run out of ammunition, but do not need to be reloaded while being used. Players unlock more weapons by progressing through the story or purchasing them from shops. Weapons can be upgraded by applying "Amps" that increase their lethality. The Style Meter in the head-up display (HUD) increases as players perform stylish moves like pulling off headshots and grinding on-rails without touching the ground.


In the online co-op mode ChaosSquad, up to eight players defend vats of Overcharge Delirium XT from waves of OD'd. Although they work together, players also try to earn more Style points during play than their co-op partners. However, the game would not support free roam co-op at launch, but could be added to the game through a post-release expansion.

Easter eggs

Although only a few are listed here (Give us time) the game is heavily populated with epic Easter Eggs and pop culture references. Sunset Overdrive has a style similar to that of Deadpool, with lots of fourth wall breaks and references as well as easter eggs. When Walter (Master of Badass Entrances) is working on his glider, you can see that the license plate says A113, an easter egg created by alumni of California Institute of the Arts.

Insomniac Games try to sway reviewers -

Hidden away in review copies of the game. (See below) "Hi and welcome to Sunset TV!" it begins, as passed on by Forbes. "If you're watching this, that means you're currently reviewing or streaming the game.

"Look, I'm not trying to sway your review score either way, I mean your opinion is your opinion. But I advise you not to use the phrase 'Sunset Overhype' because that's just lazy writing!"

Critics reception

Gamertag Gaming/Game Practitioner: 8/10 - 'Shreds' on the Xbox One! Sunset Overdrive is a crazy adrenaline fueled roller coaster ride of random characters and weird and wonderful objectives. Sunset Overdrive delivers on everything you didn't expect! Super fun!

CVG: 7/10 - There are fantastic moments where everything aligns perfectly, and even when it falls flat through over-effort the basic action is still a rewarding and noisy mess.

GamesRadar: 4/5 - You've never explored an open world quite like this. Sunset Overdrive's iffy gunplay and inconsistent missions are redeemed by absolutely amazing mobility and an infectious enthusiasm for mayhem.

Joystiq: 5/5 - Each of the game's systems feeds into another, making the experience feel complete and purposeful. More importantly, it gives players a plethora of choices in how they look, what weapon they use and how they play, and then makes every single possible combination feel vindicated.

Eurogamer: 8/10 - Beneath the glorious tech, and once the writing relaxes a little, Sunset Overdrive's wonderfully lurid and heartfelt - a bit like playing an old 4AD album sleeve. If you get that reference, you'll probably get this, too.

IGN: 9/10 - Sunset Overdrive is big, gorgeous, and a hell of a lot of fun. Never has getting from point A to point B in an open-world game provided so much enjoyment. It provides some of the most fun, frantic, and fantastic gaming I've had on the Xbox One.

VideoGamer: 6/10 - Sunset Overdrive's campaign may be disappointing, but its multiplayer offers a glimpse of how a potential sequel could fulfil its largely-squandered promise.

GameSpot: 8/10 - You can compare it to games like Crackdown, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and Ratchet and Clank, but by combining the best elements of those games into a single package and injecting it with an anything goes, rock and roll attitude, you'll never think of it as anything but a singular achievement that stands tall on its own merits.

Polygon: 9/10 - The best thing about Sunset Overdrive is how it's unabashedly enthusiastic about what it is, in just about every way. That enthusiasm, and the freedom behind it, is contagious.

Metro: 7/10 - Shallow, simplistic, and never quite as funny as it thinks it is, but there's still more energy and imagination at work here than most other new next gen franchises.

Game Informer: 9.25/10 - Outside of the mission monotony, Sunset Overdrive is an immensely rewarding experience that has a look and style all its own and a great gameplay package to complement it. It's a colorful return to form for Insomniac games, and a hell of an exclusive for Xbox One.

Destructoid: 8.5/10 - Sunset Overdrive may have a few flaws inherent to many open-world games and lack an engaging narrative, but it's an incredibly fun, vibrant game that's a nice break from the overly gritty tone we see far too often in today's market. After Fuse, this is exactly what Insomniac Games needed.

VentureBeat: 85/100 - The look, feel, and sound won me over. Forgiving the mission structure and forgetting the tower-defense junk, this is pretty much what I would expect from an action shooter for this console generation.

Kotaku: No score - I often found myself want to shout at the screen: "Ok, ok, I get it: you're a video game and you know it. Now go and actually just be a fucking video game!" When Sunset Overdrive does this by easing off its zingers and just letting you relax and enjoy yourself, it can actually be a really good game. A great one, even. But it makes you climb over a giant heaping pile of bullshit just to get to that point.

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