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Hey moviepilots! how is everybody doing? did everybody watch the "EPIC" trailer to Age of Ultron? I'm sure most of us nerds have seen it. But that's not the reason I'm writing this article NO! THE SOLE PURPOSE of this article is to pinpoint the flaw that Josh Whedon had when he made the FIRST AVENGERS MOVIE. Now I know most of you people will probably say "what is this idiot talking about? the movie was flawless". While I thought the movie was iconic and epic the director had a major flaw. "Can you get on with your explanation you dimwitted fool?" of course I can sorry. Anyways back to my rant Josh Whedon did not know under any circumstance, motive, or reason how to write Captain America into the film.

Why do I say that! well it's simple we all know that Captain America is a BAD ASS MOTHER TRUCKER!! but for some reason Josh Whedon did not think so and hence this is why he wasn't shown to his full potential. Most of his scenes are dull and the good ones were cut out. CUT OUT! WHAT?! as you read it moviepilots see for yourselves:

As you saw some of the scenes that were going to be memorable for Cap were all cut out in the First Avengers movie. Luckily we were all drooling when we saw the second Cap movie right guys?

Thank God! for The Winter Soldier that made Captain America show his true self. Here is a little reminder of how bad ass The Cap was in The Winter Soldier:

As awesome as this movie is I'm hoping that Age of Ultron makes Captain America look more awesome and I hope Josh Whedon learns how to write Captain America ;). What do you think moviepilots? Will Josh Whedon finally learn how to put an amazing Captain America in his movies? or will we be ranting again with our shields in the air? make your sound down below.

NOTE! sorry moviepilots I know my grammar sucks but as long as I get my point across that's all that matters to me ;) I hope all of you enjoy my article thanks! - Aaron


Will Josh Whedon put a BAD ASS Captain America or will he get cold feet?


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