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Yet another Lincoln Parody!

This time on NBC’s Saturday Night Live …

Yup, SNL most popular (in cyclical patter of ups and downs) for their rich comical spoofs on music stars, political leaders and celebrities had a field day when Jim Carrey dropped by to host the show and stayed a little longer to perform a 3 part sketch or let’s just stick to poke fun on the rise of McConaissance.

The video is actually a spoof of a spoof b’coz the Lincoln ads were based on using those absurd antics of Rust Cohle and McConaughey’s rustic wordplay to create an ultimate marketing commercial. Here’s one part of the original video directed by filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, the visual genius behind the Ryan Gosling starrer cult classic movie “Drive”. (FYI, the best part about the movie was the soundtrack. Check out Electric Youth and Kavinsky.)

Strapped behind the steering of a comfortable Lincoln MKC SUV, Jim Carrey nailed it with his pseudo-philosophical dead-on impersonation delivering some clever dialogues that seemed to make sense at least for a while…

“You don’t do a Lincoln ad after you win an Oscar. Maybe you do it after you finish The Lincoln Lawyer.”

And then things like this....

Mockery at its best
Mockery at its best

I don’t know about you guys but many people have tried to do an impersonation of Mathew McConaughey over the time. I watch a lot of late night shows late at night on YouTube (that's when I've a better internet speed :p) and here’s a list of the people I remember….

Kate Hudson

Reminiscing her moments with the ‘True Detective’ detective on the sets of ‘Fool's Gold’

Dana carvey does it here. Just fast forward to 04:42

Matt Damon

He did it back to back on the David Letterman show..

Breckin Meyer


Placed herself as a back-seat passenger

South Park

McConaughey's Paperboy co-star Zac Efron

Detective Marty has something to say..

Al right, al right, al right, that’s nugh! (drops mic)


Who do you think nailed it?


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