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To many people, Destiny is beginning to display that it can stand the test of time. It still has millions of players every single day (myself included) aside from all of its many flaws. At this stage, I'm sure that many players have mastered every location in the game. You can do every weekly strike and story mission, you can annihilate people in the crucible and you've collected every golden chest on every planet. What else is there to do?

Aside from continuously grinding on and on in an attempt to reach level 30, you find yourself wanting more. You want to master inside that Vault of Glass raid and see what goes on inside that can keep players in there for up 13 hours. You can of course expect mindless shooting that feels like it's going on for days but the loot at the end is remarkable.

Planning, strategy, teamwork, these are all words that you hear thrown around surrounding this raid. Therefore, I want to take a look at what my experience inside the Vault was like and how I would do it differently and what you can expect. The fail rate for The Vault of Glass is something insane like 90% and everyone who has completed has stated that communication is key. But god damn it Destiny, why can't we talk to each other then?!

If you find away around this, the puzzle solving and other challenges that you'll come across inside will be made a bit easier so it's recommended to go in with a communicative team. But this area desperately needs matchmaking. I see so many players standing around the outside area of the vault confused because they haven't been informed about the area. We need to communicate Bungie and Activision, it's an MMO!

With that aside, let's take a look at how you can capitalise on every challenge that the most interesting aspect of Destiny has in store for you!

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The Vault of Glass

Now, I've got a video here of a strike team beating this raid in an astounding 37 minutes. If you'd like to watch someone playing through the experience then go ahead! But seeing as it's the best content in Destiny, it's a good idea to attempt to see it with your own eyes and character first and if it didn't work out you can check out the video below!

For all of your matchmaking needs, if you're looking to join a fire-team to try and complete the raid, check out this great site here!

Opening the Vault

Click on the link above!!


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