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I mean, outside of Kryptonians. According to Bleeding Cool, not only will we be getting a show about Superman's home world, but Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer is attached in some form or fashion. While I think (and hope) that he's a producer rather than a writer, it's still an interesting concept with other shows, like the untitled Supergirl project, already in development.

While Smallville has been noted on several sites in relation to the show, rumor has it that Krypton will be more akin to [Gotham](series:1127075); an origin story of the doomed planet that explores the soon-to-be Superman villains, and the generation that tried to stop them before Kal-El's birth.

Bleeding Cool has always been a fairly reliable source for rumors, breaking news of [Supergirl](series:2246875) hours before it was announced to the press. It's always smart to keep in mind that these are rumors, but if Bleeding Cool is boasting this track record, it's also easy to take the show into serious consideration.

DC, of course, has been a little shaky as of recent when it comes to their TV/Movie multiverse: I wrote last week on Geoff Johns' admission of crossover and world-connecting possibilities, so having this origin story fit somewhere within the Man of Steel universe isn't all that out of whack. Krypton could also help set-up, or give insight into the origins of Supergirl, the spirited cousin of the Man of Steel.

What I'm hoping for, as someone who has been trying and failing her whole life to be entertained by anything involving Superman (I feel horrible that [Man of Steel](movie:15593) put me to sleep... twice), is that seeing an origin story revolving around his people and his parents will finally hook me for good.

Gotham has introduced new versions of classic characters that have nothing to do with any of their previous Nolanverse incarnations - but with another Batman reboot hitting within the next decade, we may see these iterations of characters appearing soon enough.

As with any Supes-related projects, I have high hopes for this show; I actively want to enjoy Superman-related stories, and learning the backstories of his villains could be the easy hook. I loved Smallville and enjoyed the visuals of [Man of Steel](movie:15593), so here's to a successful run of shows related to everyone's favorite DC boy scout.


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