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The Telegraph : Christopher Nolan's science fiction epic asks big questions and answers them thrillingly and beautifully

Indiewire : Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' is Smart Sentimentalism as we’ve Never Seen It Before

Variety : Christopher Nolan hopscotches across space and time in a visionary sci-fi trip that stirs the head and the heart in equal measure.

TimeOut : A bold, beautiful cosmic adventure story with a touch of the surreal and the dreamlike.

Digital Spy : Christopher Nolan's most emotional film yet

COMINGSOON.NET : Nolan's love letter to space travel and the exploration of the stars may require some patience, but it offers an incredible emotional payoff along with its visual spectacle.

AWARDS CIRCUIT : Christopher Nolan crafts another visual spectacle anchored by another tremendous turn from Matthew McConaughey...

THE VERGE : The movie is most powerful when it's at its least abstract.

Little White Lies : Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic is his most ambitious film yet, if not necessarily his best.



Badass Digest : Ambitious, Inert, Beautiful, Flawed: Christopher Nolan's love letter to space exploration isn't the masterpiece we wanted.

Forbes : 'Interstellar' Gets Lost In Space' - Christopher Nolan’s ambitious outer-space adventure is more admirable for its intentions than for its overall execution.

The Hollywood Reporter : A grandly conceived epic that engrosses but never quite soars

Evening Standard : For all its grand vistas, Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic is never quite as immersive or involving as Gravity.

The Wrap : Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi Epic Launches Perfectly, Crumbles Upon Landing

CRAVEONLINE : ‘Interstellar’ Review: Galaxy of Error - Christopher Nolan’s latest is an impressive visual spectacle riddled with plot holes and false emotions.

First Audience Reactions: They love ‘Interstellar’ !

(The problem with reading these reviews is that now I know where and who Matt Damon is. Damn.. )
Reviews may come, reviews may go, but I’ll go watch Interstellar no matter what!

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