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Benedict Cumberbatch is heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Deadline are reporting that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has been chosen to play Doctor Strange in Marvel's upcoming comic book adaptation.

The studio have been seeking an actor to play the superhero for months with hundreds of casting rumours surrounding the titular role. Cumberbatch reportedly beat a plethora of A-list competition including Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, Colin Farrell, Ryan Gosling to star in the Scott Derrickson directed movie. Joaquin Phoenix was originally in talks to play Strange but passed on the role.

Don't know 'Doctor Strange'? He's a superhero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for Marvel Comics who first appeared in issue #110 of Strange Tales in July 1963. Stephen Vincent Strange was a neurosurgeon until a car accident shattered the bones in his hands rendering his hands useless. He seeks a way to restore his hands but eventually learns mystical abilities from the Ancient One and becomes the Sorcerer Supreme; Earth's protector against the magical and mystical.


Do you think Cumberbatch is the man for the job?

Doctor Strange is out 4 November, 2016.

Source: Deadline


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