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Emma Watson is destined to have - and already has had - great success outside of the Harry Potter movies. She recently landed another role in Colonia, set to hit theaters October 2015. The above image is the first released picture of the film, which has shot scenes in Luxembourg, and plans to shoot in Germany and South America in forward shooting plans. Watson is teaming up with Mikael Nyqvist (pictured above, from [The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo](movie:38778), [Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol](movie:34973), [John Wick](movie:1116115)) and Academy-Award winning filmmaker Florian Gallenberger for the project (he won for Best Live Action Short Film in 2001).

As you can probably tell just by looking at the still image above, it's a super creepy movie, set in the 1970s and dealing with the Chilean military coup of 1973. It involves Watson's character, Lena, being forced to infiltrate a cult fronting as a charitable mission in order to find her boyfriend, Daniel after the two of them get caught up in the coup.

Emma Watson has done a lot of good work outside of the Harry Potter movies, and I'm sure her career will transcend being just "Hermione".

But don't tell that to the gang from [This Is the End](movie:337053), though. To be fair, I thought Emma Watson's part, playing herself of course, was one of the funniest bits of the entire movie.

But, as far as actual acting chops, I thought she showed good range in [The Perks of Being a Wallflower](movie:45866). She proved to be more than a nerdy bookworm, and stepped into a leading sexy role in a way that many fans - myself included - believed that she always could.

I'm not going to pretend like I saw [Noah](movie:204057), but her hair and makeup seems like it was pretty much on point, so I'll assume she did fine.

Emma Watson, in my opinion, deserves a shot to be a major starlet in Hollywood. We watched her grow up as Hermione, and gracefully become Emma. I'm pretty sure she'll do a great job in her newest role as Lena.

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