ByBrian Salisbury, writer at
Brian Salisbury

When Charles Bronson got fed up with the injustice of society and decided to tip the scales from the end of a magnum, we cheered.

Revenge movies have always found a comfortable place to perch within our collective id. What is it about these flicks that keep us coming back with a vengeance?

This new clip from the upcoming Blu-ray release of The Prince may just have some answers. In the film, a former CIA assassin (played by Bruce Willis) is drawn back into the life he gave up when his daughter is kidnapped. In the clip, a MoviePilot exclusive, the filmmakers explain the complexities of making a revenge film and why we love the genre so much.

Take a look at the clip and make sure to grab yourself a copy of The Prince when it hits Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD October 28.


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