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I have just re-watched [Spring Breakers](movie:386903) (2012) and spotted this fascinating detail at Selena Gomez: The historic references in Selena Gomez’ hat logo that she wears in ‘Spring Breakers’.

Harmony Korine’s movie Spring Breakers (2012) is a coming of age drama about four students looking for fun and their final destiny during the Spring Break in Florida. Movie director Korine used two ex-Disney actresses: Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, the teenage TV show star Ashley Benson and his real girlfriend Rachel Korine for the leading roles in his movie horror trip.

The low budget production is full of explicit and brutal scenes and looks in the beginning like a wild party movie - but on a deeper level, it’s an intelligent story with a lot of subtle and rebellious references to the US history and pop culture:

The fake fellatio dance, for example, that Ashley and Vanessa are performing in one scene with the Original Bomb Pop popsicles by US ice manufacturer Blue Bunny Jr. That’s a subtle, but obvious affront against the iconic brand who also did cooperations and promotions with the family friendly Disney Company - Selena and Vanessa’s former employer who made them pop stars.

California Republic: Picture Source & Copyrights by Craniumfitteds
California Republic: Picture Source & Copyrights by Craniumfitteds

Despite this, back to Faith (Selena Gomez) and her black New Era California Republic cap that she wears during one of the many beach parties. It’s interesting to take a closer look on the Californian bear flag logo, because the bear symbolizes strength and the emblem stands for the American settlers ‘Bear Flag Revolt' in Mexico in Spring 1846.

This revolution started with 33 US settlers, who defeated 55 Mexican soldiers in one day which lead to the first republic of California. The independent republic ended shortly after around 25 days and became than part of the United States.

It’s not stated how many days the revolt of Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson), Cotty (Rachel Korine) and Alien (James Franco) last in Spring Breakers, but their holiday trip became a sort of violent revolution for freedom and sounds therefore a bit like a parallel to the birth of California - the state that symbolizes totally freedom.

I don’t know if movie director Harmony Korine and costume designer Heidi Bivens had all of these historic references in mind, when choosing this Bear Flag Cap, but I think it’s a nice little trivia that only a few can appreciate.


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