ByLogan Wolf, writer at
Huge comic and movie fan

According to cosmicbooknews, it may have been revealed by the personal trainer of Ben Affleck that the batsuit used to fight against Superman will be laced with Kyptonite and also have missiles! How awesome is that!

If this rumor is true, then this will make for a great fight in the film! Without a suit like this Batman wouldn't realistically stand a chance, but this would really even the odds.

Also, if this is true, the implications are huge. This would mean that in the time between Man of Steel and BvS (which I believe is suppose to be two years) Kyptonite had been developed and weaponized by Batman. If Batman had time to weaponize it into a suit, then its reasonable to believe Lex Luthor would also have had that ability. So will we see a mechanized Luthor suit?

Another possible implication is the rumors of Metallo being involved could prove to be more likely with Kryponite already existing. Will Metallo be developed by the U.S. government as an answer to Superman?

There's a lot of questions and the only thing we really know is that there's going to be a lot going on in this movie and there's the possibility of an incredible meeting between Batman and Superman in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870).


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