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After months of rumors and speculation, the search for who will portray Marvel's supreme sorcerer, [Doctor Strange](movie:559685), looks to be coming to an end. Sherlock actor, Benedict Cumberbatch is said to be entering final negotiations with Marvel Studios to star as the mystic hero.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch

The casting process had as many twists and turns as any movie the studio has made. This summer there were strong rumors that Joaquin Phoenix was close to signing a deal during San Diego Comic Con, however, the deal fell through as it was rumored that Phoenix was uncomfortable signing for multiple unscripted films. Since that time, other names have been tossed around, such as Jared Leto, Keanu Reeves and Tom Hardy, among others.

Dr Strangee
Dr Strangee

Cumberbatch (Star Trek Into Darkness) has been on the top of fan's casting list for years. So the casting actually doesn't come as a huge surprise to those tracking the developments.

Stephen Strange is a former neurosurgeon who is arrogant and head-strong, until a car accident crushes his hands. Unable to continue as a surgeon, Strange searches the world in hopes of finding a remedy to his broken hands. After meeting the Ancient One, he is endowed with magical powers of sorcery and takes his place as Earth's main protector against mystical threats.

The role of Dr. Strange in the comics, especially in relation to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet series is huge. Even of more importance, Cumberbatch will be the one Marvel hero responsible for making the unimaginable believable.

Up until this point, Marvel has had a strategy where they started with a real world, laden with advanced technology in Iron Man. Then they added an alien with advanced technology that can be perceived as magic to the uninitiated, in Thor. They followed that with an alien invasion in, The Avengers. The next big leap was to make audiences believe and become invested in the idea that there is a whole wacky cosmic world, operating in the Marvel cinematic universe. They successfully did that with Guardians of the Galaxy. The next step will be to make audiences become invested in the idea that there are other realities and dimensions, right along side the one we have been watching. And that this new hero, Dr. Strange, is the only one to protect the Marvel universe from it.

We should expect an official confirmation, or denial, shortly as Marvel has a big announcement planned for Tuesday October, 28th.

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Source: Point of Geeks, Deadline, Mr. Sunday Movies

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