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First off let me say sorry for not doing this sooner. I've been without internet for a little bit.

Second, let me say: WOW, OH WOW, OH MY GOD YES!

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) teaser trailer has been unveiled! And it looks AMAZING! As expected from Marvel, the current biggest powerhouse in the name of entertainment! We already knew this movie was going to be epic. But after seeing the trailer, we now know just how epic it'll be! (The answer is extremely epic!)

Marvel took our expectations for this movie and multiplied them by five! It also gave us a few more clues about what's going down in the film. For instance

1. New York is going to need a really good cleanup crew!

The Big Apple is once again in the crosshairs of a super-baddie bent on its destruction! This time though, it looks like the damage will be almost impossible to come back from. Ultron is going to be the most destructive thing to hit them, and he aims to hit hard. Men, women and children are seen in the trailer, looking incredibly frightened. It really shows the impact Ultron is going to have on the city.

It's especially sad remembering that they all just went through this with Loki and his army back in The Avengers.

2. Pinocchio is straight up menacing!

If you watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer than you might have noticed the part where Ultron totally quotes the classic Disney movie Pinocchio!

Now...I am a real boy!
Now...I am a real boy!

Plus they were playing a classic song from Pinocchio during the trailer. Now you may think that it's stupid to put a classic Disney song in an Avengers trailer, and that this is just another way that Disney is sticking their grubby fingers in to our beloved Marvel! But guys...this song..puts the whole trailer together! Not only does it speak volumes about Ultron's reasoning and feelings during the course of this movie, but it makes you feel ALL THE EMOTIONS during it. The song really sets the tone for the entire trailer! Seriously, whoever came up with the idea to put this song in the trailer should be promoted!

And they called me crazy!
And they called me crazy!

3. Ultron starts the Civil War?

Well, technically. It can be seen in this trailer several times that the Avengers are starting to fight each other.

"Well this is gonna hurt"—Tony Stark
"Well this is gonna hurt"—Tony Stark

Perhaps Ultron is turning against each other. We pretty much know that the Civil War is coming. And if it is, there''s a very big possibility Ultron is the reason for it. Like I said before, Ultron is going to hit NY—and the world, hard. Citizens will die, buildings will collapse, panic will spread and the government is going to act. Ultron's presence will not be ignored! My guess is that after the battle, the government will make the Superhero Registration Act and every hero will have a choice—join or cease heroism. Some will fight for the Act to be passed and some will fight against it.

I think that during the events of Avengers 2, the Avengers are going to get pretty mad at each other. Especially Cap and Tony. Captain America will blame Tony for stooping to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s level and creating a dangerous weapon (Ultron) and Tony will start to realize the ramifications of his actions.

This will lead to Tony siding with the Act, believing that by doing so he will be making up for the destruction and despair he inadvertently caused when he created Ultron. Cap will disagree, believing more than ever, especially with Ultron's destruction of NYC, that the world needs free heroes willing to risk their lives to save it. This may even cause Captain America to start a band of New Avengers that will fight for his cause, a hugely talked about rumor in the MCU community.


With all the stuff that's going to happen in this film, you'd probably be accurate in believing someone will meet an untimely end. In fact, I'd be more surprised if no one died in this film! The biggest question isn't if someone will die however, it's who? And maybe, how?

Let's look at who the big contenders. The first is obviously the Captain himself.

Luckily, we can pretty much count this theory out. With the third Captain America being set after the Avengers 2, we know he'll at least survive Ultron's rampage. Of course, there's still a rumor going around that Steve Rogers will die either during Cap 3 or Avengers 3. With the Avengers 3 looking like it'll have elements of both the Marvel Civil War and the Infinity War and Thanos, as well as Chris Evans' contract ending soon, it's not looking very good for the 'First Avenger'. I think we'll see either the Winter Soldier or Falcon take the mantle of Cap after Steve loses his life in a tough battle against a fearsome enemy. Let's hope he at least gets to meet the GotG before it happens.

We can also count Iron Man and Thor out as well. With Tony Stark set to argue with Steve in Captain America 3: Civil War, and Thor: Ragnarok (Oh my god yes!) set for a 2017 release, we know this guys will at least make it to just before or during the Infinity War. After though, we don't know. Heck, Thor might not even survive Ragnarok. That's going to be an intense movie!

Looking at everyone, the only one who strikes me as the person to die during this movie is the one we want to see more of: Hulk. Hulk has no solo-movie plans announced for the remainder of Phase 2 or Phase 3! If you look at the trailer, you can tell that something's clearly up with him.

Maybe Bruce is losing hos grip on both the Hulk and his sanity. Maybe the magnitude of the battle with Ultron will leave him shaken. We even see Iron Man in a sick Hulkbuster suit, having to fight the Hulk most likely because Hulk is rampaging across the city. The way I see it, they'll either send Hulk to outer space for the safety of the world, effectively setting up the plot of the extremely wanted Planet Hulk story-line, or he'll end up dying either by the hands of a fellow Avenger (Hulkbuster Iron Man maybe?) or by Ultron in a sacrificial showdown. The scene screenshot above actually looks like the former theory. It looks like they're taking him somewhere. But like I said, there are so far no plans for a solo Hulk movie, and a Planet Hulk film seems like a really big stretch.

No mater who dies in this movie, it's safe to say that either by, or after The Avengers 3 we'll have an near entirely different team of Avengers to look forward to. Most likely consisting of Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and any other new heroes they've announced.

Even though there's still a lot to be discovered about this new film and its role in Marvel's plan, I think we can all agree that it is going to be incredibly epic! I hope to see some of you guys in the theaters in May 2015 when the Avengers: Age of Ultron releases!


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