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While it's all just really more rumors and speculation hatched over the weekend at this stage, reportedly Ben Affleck's trainer for Batman VS Superman, Rehan Jalali, spoke to an anonymous reader on (from which the following is purely sourced) and hinted at some of the stuff we'll see in the movie. This is a very far cry from confirmation, so I wouldn't call any of these spoilers, or take them as anything but rumors, but here is what was suggested.

Again, quoted from who sourced it from a fan, not to be treated as confirmation. Here are the reports:

Jalali and Affleck talk every day.
There are two Batsuits (we’ve seen them both before — he has a traditional Batsuit, and an armored Batsuit like in “The Dark Knight Returns”).
The armored suit has Kryptonite all over it, and it can shoot missiles.
There are two Batmobiles.
Affleck has a shirtless scene as Bruce Wayne to show off his new physique.
The shirtless scene is beautifully shot and shows Affleck overlooking a destroyed city (probably Metropolis?).

Which is all very interesting, if true. The most curious things are the two Batmobiles. I'd heard earlier there would be two vehicles, though I assumed that would be one Batmobile and one Batbike/Batwing (I was certainly hoping for the latter.) It's still entirely possible this is the case, as "Batmobile" is sometimes used as a fairly generic term for a Bat-vehicle. However, if we pull back to The Dark Knight Returns, which this movie draws inspiration from but is NOT based off of (there is a huge difference), another Batmobile doesn't seem unlikely.

Like this one, for instance?
Like this one, for instance?

The above Batmobile is Batman's full on tank Batmobile, which he uses in the movie and mainly is important for his fight against Superman. Now, assuming the two fight and then kiss and make up (perhaps not quite so extreme) to then tackle the presumably bigger problem of Lex, Batman is going to need a normal arsenal and a heavier arsenal for his normal fights/patrols and his confrontations with guys like Supes. Given that he already has two suits, it's not implausible. Which brings us to the next point: the suit.

Batsuit: Armored and Kryptonite Laced?

Like a mix of this...
Like a mix of this...
....and this?
....and this?

While in The Dark Knight Returns it's Green Arrow who ultimately brings Kryptonite into play to help take down Superman, Batman does possess Kryptonite and has made it into a suit before to fight Superman. It seems a bit more likely this will be done in the movie to make the fight realistic and ground it (both literally and figuratively), and despite comments to the contrary I've guessed from day one that Kryptonite will play a part, particularly with Lex involved.

(It's entirely possible Wonder Woman will fulfill Green Arrow's role to an extent, just as Black Panther seems to be fulfilling Spidey's role in Captain America: Civil War.)

The question on our lips is where did it come from? Now, let's not be naysayers, because there are a fair few places it could come from. Just to name a few? Lex could engineer some, but that seems unlikely. Zod's body could hold the clues, but that's not overly likely. My main guess is that it will be found among the countless destroyed Kryptonian ships- which were remarkably made on Krypton with Kryptonian materials- battle suits, and, above all, the World Engine, which someone is sure to examine.

The voice

Sorry, I left this out initially, but I'm editing it in. While I love The Dark Knight trilogy and it is by a very long shot my top three favorite superhero movies, I wasn't a big fan of Bale's Batman voice in the later movies. Batman Begins I was fine with it.

But Jennifer Garner (Affleck's wife, for the more forgetful people out there- I put effort into finding that, by the way) revealed in interview to Empire (which I found out from that his [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) voice will be like this:

"We were not privy to the Batman voice at home, but I've been on set enough to hear bits of it. It's spot on. Growly and decisive and sexy, if I do say so myself! Exactly what you would hope it to be!"

Urgh, I can almost hear the haters. "Sexy" that's so stupid, "growly," it's just like The Dark Knight Rises again. But I disagree. No, to me, while the growly could be like The Dark Knight or Batman Begins- the popular hate to his Rises voice is likely to deter them from something so extreme- the sexy, which would really just be somewhat low, clear cut, and definite (though Garner may have an entirely different idea, of course), and decisive, sounds like something- or someone, more appropriately- much more familiar.

In other words, similar to Kevin Conroy's Batman. Who, to those of you who don't know, is the one who voiced Batman in the Arkham games and most animated Batmans for a very long time, particularly in The Animated Series. He's considered by a great many, myself included, to be the definitive voice of Batman, and many other performances are modeled off of him.

Edit: Take this one with a serious grain of salt, but it could well be real. I got it from a Facebooker, who says it's from a blog that uploaded while BVS was shooting in Detroit. If anyone could confirm this blog, it'd be great. If not, consider this some awesome fan art which may well be real. It's supposedly the first shot of Batman in his normal Batsuit.


So, does this sound like a good idea, or does it sound like an awesome idea?


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