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GTA 6 in Vice City

Grand Theft Auto Vice City remains one of the greatest experiences I've ever had with a game. As a young teenager this game came to represent everything I wanted the gaming industry to deliver. Of course, my tastes have sufficiently altered many years down the road, but Vice City's memory still lives on and remains a reference point for every open world adventure.

Rumours and speculation have circled the internet regarding the setting for GTA 6 (though we still have no official news or a release date) including city locations such as Texas, Detroit and Mexico (even all of these combined together). While it is certainly my feeling that the next [Grand Theft Auto](movie:749804) will take place in a large expansive world encompassing several cities, I couldn't help but reference the rumours of Vice City returning as a location.

The game was inspired by, not only some of the greatest gangster and action films, but some of the greatest films of all time. Creators at Rockstar have stated that it would be strange to return to Miami as they consider it to be a place only alive in the glorious age of the 80s. Therefore, with all the talk of this city for GTA 6, I thought I'd look at a few gangster films that could inspire the next step for the GTA franchise if it were to revisit its Miami roots, but in a darker age.

Films That Inspired GTA Vice City

The most notable example of inspiration is of course Brian De Palma's Scarface. Diaz's Mansion and the shoot out that takes place within it is a direct reference to this wild film (obviously this isn't the scene below).

Here are some other films that Rockstar claimed inspired their Vice City game!

The Long Good Friday


Rocky IV (My god this scene is hilarious!)

Films That Could Inspire GTA 6

Donnie Brasco would be a great inspiration upon GTA 6 in terms of characters, particularly Al Pacino's. Perhaps we could see characters from Vice City who haven't really made anything of themselves and they are overlooked by their superiors. Now you can aid them in their mission for revenge against their bosses.

The Untouchables would make an interesting impact upon GTA, in the sense that my dream idea that Rockstar would come up with is that all the presumed city locations would feature in GTA 6 and each city would have to work together to take down one big boss (MGS lol) or organisation. Thus, we would form our own gang similar to The Untouchables.

Road to Perdition, in terms of modern gangster films, is an extraordinary film. Perhaps one character from one city would be suffering a similar situation to Tom Hanks' character in that he's being hunted by the mafia. This sort of low tone storytelling isn't exactly GTA's style but I'm just throwing out ideas here really.

Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino's style is far more in line with what GTA loves. Yet again, this dynamic that explores a team of individuals taking down one man is something that could really be expanded upon for GTA 6. Also, to receive a character as memorable as Christoph Waltz's Nazi as the antagonist would be a huge leap forward for GTA.

I'm currently obsessed with the notion that all of these locations that have been speculated upon, Mexico, Vice City, Texas and so on, would feature in GTA 6. Each location would feature one to two characters who would ultimately combine their efforts to take down someone who poses as a threat to them all. Thus, each character and location could represent and be inspired by a different film.

Just a crazy thought of mine. Let me know what you would like to see in GTA 6!


Would you like to see Vice City return?


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