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Does anyone here remember their first flight in an X-Wing? That nerve-tingling moment where an automated crane loads your very own R2 unit into your very own X-Wing? The initial euphoria felt as you took to the stars, drunk from hyperspace G force and up popped the prompt "sensors detect 5 new transporters at 5km"?

Unlock your S foils, charge your proton torpedoes and laser cannons pilots, because the LucasArts classics X-Wing and TIE Fighter are being re-released on PC!

$9.99 nostalgia! Okay, then!
$9.99 nostalgia! Okay, then!

Due to be a secret release on the DRM free, the news of the impending release was prematurely posted on GOG and quickly retracted. But thanks to the eagle eyed GOG community, we have news of a hoard of retro re-releases set to hit GOG's digital shelves today.

The post also revealed that Disney made a deal with GOG to release close to 30 classic LucasArts games, so expect to be pumped full of more video gaming nostalgia in the coming months!

In A Time Far, Far In The Past...

When the thought of prequels to the Star Wars movies were little more than campfire theories and lunchtime speculation; when you'd rush home to catch the latest episode of Animaniacs or Ghost Writer, or an after school hang out at your friend's house, who had the sickest computer at the time, and indulge in sprawling battles in Command & Conquer and swap VHS' filled with cartoons. A simpler time made even more awesome by the original 1993 release of Star Wars: X-Wing.

Check out some of X-Wing's groundbreaking gameplay in the video below:

The critically acclaimed, best seller was incredibly realistic for its time, placing you in the role of Keyan Farlander, crack starfighter pilot.


The feeling that you were a well oiled cog in the machine of resistance, fighting against the Empire's galactic terrors was astounding. I could actually make a difference!

Well decorated innit.
Well decorated innit.

And the way the game had managed to capture a sense of the dusty and worn nostalgia that my memories of Star Wars holds so steadfastly is a feat in itself.


What will you be doing this weekend, apart from recovering from Friday's spooky extravagances? Well, I'll be taking down the Empire, one Tie Fighter at a time.

(Source: GOG via Eurogamer)


What were your favorite starfighters to pilot in X-Wing?


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