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Damn nature, you scary.

Halloween is nearly upon us, and it seems even the stars are getting in the mood. This past week, NASA scientists creating light composites of the sun's surface noticed that the huge star looks as if it's been carved like a Jack-o-lantern - and the pictures are pretty cool.

Normally, when we observe the sun through a camera or with the naked eye, the sun appears yellow, because yellow is the brightest of the sun's many colors. But in actual fact, the sun's surface is far more complex than that.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is able to observe wavelengths from 4500 to 131 angstroms. The creepy grin above is a composite of two wavelengths at 171 and 193 angstroms, which are largely gold and yellow.

But that's not all the observatory is able to do. Check out this creepy image produced with 204 angstrom extreme ultraviolet light:

Scary Sun

And this blue beauty at 355 angstroms:

Eerie Sun

And this psychedelic 171:

Woah Sun

Beautiful, mysterious, and a little bit scary. It's certainly serendipity that these photos landed just days before Halloween. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell us something?

(Source: IFL Science, Nasa: Goddard Media Studios)


Is this a sign from the stars?


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