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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I seriously think that Season 5 is the best season of The Walking Dead so far. I mean, I've loved every episode of the show since its inception, but this season has such a dark vision, it's definitely my favorite.

The upcoming episode 4, 'Slabtown,' is gonna be an interesting one. We've talked at Moviepilot about what's been happening to Beth, but AMC has released a couple of promo clips that I'm looking at in full screenshot detail to unravel...

Those eyes... that's Beth!

We see Beth, very much alive, as Daryl's voice plays over: 'I was with Beth. I was with her for a while. She's alive.'


Beth is in a hospital bed

Being a Walking Dead fan, my first thought was, 'Oh man, what horrible nefarious organization has captured her,' rather than, 'Hoorah, she'll be getting some excellent medical care.' The zombie apocalypse makes you pessimistic!


Get this damn thing out of my arm!

Ew, who knows what horrible chemicals they've been pumping her full of. Also, is that a broken wrist under that cast? We're going way off comic book for this episode, so keep on guessing, folks!


A police officer and doctor show up

The cop informs Beth that she was picked up by officers. Hmmm, I don't trust these guys.


Cop lady smacks Beth in the face

Yup, don't trust anyone.


Beth looks out over the city with another character

I'm guessing this is the titular 'Slabtown,' which was a nickname for the Atlanta red-light district erected in the 1840's. The exact site is around modern day Grady Memorial Hospital, which seems to fit as this episode is in a hospital, and The Walking Dead takes place largely in the South.


What are the doctors doing to this lady?

The same lady says, 'It's easy to make a deal with the devil when you're not the one paying the price'... Who or what is she referring to?


Creepy lollipop cop is giving Beth the weirds

I do not like this guy. Maybe he's not even a real cop. Either way, he's got some 'let's repopulate the world together, baby,' in his eyes that I do not like one bit.


Being a smart lady, Beth arms herself with a scalpel

Always an effective weapon when trapped in a freaky end-of-the-world hospital.


There's some blood, because of course

Either this is the gross blood patch that prompts Beth to arm herself with the scalpel, or - and this is my preferred explanation - this is the result of Beth stabbing the creepy guts out of lollipop cop.


Beth makes a break for it with a new friend

Let's hope Beth and her new ally emerge victorious.


An escape attempt down the elevator shaft?

Yeah, Beth serving some Speed-era realness!


Uh-oh, Zombie dead end

Daylight is peeking through, but an iron grille and a horde of Walkers are blocking the way. Poor Beth, I'm exhausted just watching this nightmare unfold!


Check out the full clips for yourself...

Here's the second clip: the promo begins from 00:52.

What do you guys think is gonna happen in the next episode of The Walking Dead? Please share your thoughts below!


What's gonna happen to Beth in Walking Dead Episode 4, 'Slabtown'?

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