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Spider-Man fans everywhere are desperate to see Spidey meet up with his fellow Marvel characters in the MCU, especially now that Marvel have announced Iron Man's involvement in Captain America 3, and everyone is predicting Civil War.

But will Sony ever relinquish the rights? At first glance, it seems unlikely. The again, Sony and Marvel *might* be convinced to make a deal over Spider-Man, and the two studios certainly enjoy a warmer relationship than Marvel and Fox, for example.

In fact, there is currently a big Marvel announcement on the horizon, and some fans are speculating that this could be Spider-Man's chance to join the MCU. But with Captain America 3 being released in 2016, and Sony having planned tp have [Sinister Six](movie:1274281), Venom Carnage and The Amazing Spider-Man 3 taking them far beyond that, unless we hear otherwise soon, Spider-Man appearing in the Civil War seems unlikely!

So why is everyone so eager to see Spider-Man join up with Marvel for the Civil War?

The Amazing Spider-Man 3: CIVIL WAR?

The Marvel Civil War is an epic story line that sees the entire Marvel Universe turn against itself. The problems start when SHIELD introduces the Superhuman Registration Act, a policy that says all Superheroes must report their secret identities, in order to prevent their battles affecting the civilian populations around them.

Superheroes cause chaos for the public: Civil War
Superheroes cause chaos for the public: Civil War

Iron Man leads the charge to promote this measure, while Captain America is firmly against it. The two sides come to battle against each other, and in the missdle of all of this, is Spider-Man.

Initially, Spider-Man is recruited by Iron Man and SHIELD. He even agrees to reveal his identity to the public, which provokes an astonished reaction from one particular newspaper editor.

Spider-Man unmasks in the Civil War
Spider-Man unmasks in the Civil War

However, Spidey soon begins to questions the actions of some of the senior members of SHIELD, and Tony Stark in particular. When he learns that Iron man has been using the "Iron Spidey" suit to monitor him, and that other Superheroes were being detained without trial, he tries to escape - but is attacked by Iron Man.

He even discovers that SHIELD are not worried about recruiting villains - with monsters like Bullseye and Venom even working for them.

IN many ways, it is Spider-Man's turn for pro-SHIELD to anti that shows how far Tony Stark has lost perspective in his drive to control all the other heroes in the Marvel universe.

And there is worse yet to come!

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The Punisher rescues Spider-Man!
The Punisher rescues Spider-Man!

So what do you think? Is there any chance that Sony and Marvel will do a deal over Spider-Man, or will they - like Captain America and Iron Man - continue to hold to their own sides, to the benefit of neither?

What do you think? Could we see Spider-Man join in with the Marvel Civil War *before* [The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279)? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


Whose side are you on in the Marvel Civil War?


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