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Opening the Vault

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Your first act in the Vault of Glass raid involves cracking open the actual Vault. It’s a challenging, if relatively straightforward process of capturing three specific locations and holding them while high-level enemies try to seize them back. Lose one for more than a few seconds and the whole process needs to be started over again. It's a pain, so make sure you can take on the challenge here first, if you can't level up for a while before attempting the raid again.

When you first start the raid, your group will spawn right outside the entrance to the Vault on Venus. There’s no mistaking the door; it’s a giant circle set into the nearby rock face. Directly in front of that door is the first control point, which looks like a circle of concrete on the ground with a rectangular chunk of stone set in the centre of it.

If you’re facing the Vault door, there are paths leading off to the left and the right. Follow the path on the left down the hill to find the second control point at the bottom. Note the spawn door just to the right of where the downward slope ends. Enemies will attack this position from there, and they’ll also spawn in and come up the short staircase that’s directly opposite the spawn door.

The righthand path leads to the third control point, which sits in the centre of a plateau. Much like the second control point, enemies will attack from two directions, spawning at both ends of the plateau. In both locations, enemies coming out of the spawn closest to the Vault door have a chance of heading up toward the centre location and trying to take that plate.

Destiny Vault of Glass
Destiny Vault of Glass

First, figure out a name for each of the three locations. Then split your group into two, with three players covering the right side and three covering the left. One player from each of those groups – preferably one of the higher-level participants – should be assigned to keep watch on the Vault door control point. Those players should camp themselves closer to that position, to better cover enemies that spawn in and try to retake the centre.

Once everyone is in position, have one player apiece step onto each of the three plates, so they can be captured simultaneously. You’ll know it’s working because you’ll see white energy building up and slowly forming into a tower of rock. Once the tower is fully assembled, the Vault pops open. Try to keep one player inside of the left and right control points, as that’s the most effective way to defend against an enemy capture if one manages to break through.

Once the enemies start to spawn, getting the spire built becomes a communication challenge. Talk to your teammates. Shout out enemy positions. This is why it’s important to come up with names for each control point. Only the Praetorians – basically, high-level Minotaurs with yellow health bars – will try to capture locations, so focus fire on them whenever you can.

Destiny Vault of Glass
Destiny Vault of Glass

This isn’t particularly difficult for communicative teams, and it’s a good introduction to the sort of teamwork that will be required as you tread deeper into the Vault. Just keep shouting out new Praetorians and hammering them down. Lower-level players can focus more on crowd control. Keep it up, and eventually the Vault will open.

Getting to Templar's Chamber

The first stretch of corridor in the Vault of Glass is very straightforward. Just follow the path until you come to a chest. It’s impossible to miss. Gather everyone up around it before you crack it open to ensure that everyone gets to grab some loot (befriend one another, don't just take, this place can be a gold mine to a lower level character). This is true for all other chests you’ll find (and throughout Destiny, really).

Just past the chest is a section that involves some light platforming. It eventually leads to a floating platform that overlooks a large, open space with three lanes leading to a raised dais. This is the chamber of the Templar, Vault of Glass’s first boss.

Don’t jump down into the chamber until everyone is ready and grouped up on that floating platform.


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