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Defend the Confluxes

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You all know you don't have to be level 30 to complete these challenges, though I would recommend that you be at least a level 26 if you're hoping to offer some kind of help to your fellow guardians.

Before you can take the fight directly to the Templar, you’ll need to survive some enemy waves while defending Conflux machines that spawn in. There are three phases to this section, and while tactics vary slightly between each one, they all work in generally the same way.

First, get a sense of how the Templar’s chamber is laid out. Think of it as you would a compass, with north being the end opposite from where you jumped down. There are elevated lanes running north-south on the east and west sides of the room, and a lower, central lane, also north-south, in the centre.

You’ll spend most of your time in this part of the raid on the southern end of the room, with the heaviest flow of enemies coming from the north. Note, however, that there are also spawn caves in the southeast and southwest corners of the room. Those are major danger zones that you’ll have to monitor during the next stretch of play.

The trick with defending Confluxes is to keep enemies from getting close to it. They won’t shoot at these machines, but they’ll cause damage by sacrificing themselves once they reach the glowing border of each Conflux. You’ve still got a few seconds to kill them while they’re in sacrifice mode, and they’re completely non-aggressive at this point. But it’s preferable to just avoid letting them get close enough to start a sacrifice in the first place.

Destiny Vault of Glass
Destiny Vault of Glass

In the first phase, a single Conflux spawns at the southern end of the centre lane. This is very straightforward. Just defend it. Watch out for enemy Fanatics that emit a green glow. They leave behind a miasma of green, swirling gas when you take them down that you should avoid at all costs. It’s poison. You can cleanse yourself by stepping into the lit circle at the northern end of the central path, but that’s dangerous. Better to just avoid the green all together.

For the second phase, Confluxes spawn in the southeast and southwest corners (the centre one disappears). Same strategy, different locations. Split into two groups once again, and keep an eye on the centre while you fight. It’s best to use the same groups you did outside (this is true all throughout the Vault of Glass), as they’ve had some time to develop a familiarity with one another. It can’t be overstated just how vital teamwork is in this raid. And be sure to have those that are the highest levels split up into your teams, no point in having someone at level 30 fighting in a team that don't really need his help.

The final phase brings back the central lane’s Conflux along with the other two, meaning you’ve got machines to defend in the southeast, south, and southwest. Same strategy again. Designate one player from each group to spend most of their time monitoring the centre lane, but keep everyone together and in position on the east and west sides of the room. Hold out long enough and all the Confluxes disappear, signalling an end to this section.

Defeating the Templar

Before we get to strategies, let’s revisit the layout of this room. Remember the compass. South is where you jumped down from, north is where the Templar – which is basically a giant Vex Hydra with a shield fully encircling it – is at the start. In the middle of the room is a circle of light where you can cleanse yourself of the Mark of Negation (more on that in a bit).

Destiny Vault of Glass
Destiny Vault of Glass

There are two phases to this fight. The first is all about survival, since the boss doesn’t move and can’t be damaged. What it does do is summon Oracles, which appear as very bright spots of light that spawn in a series of set locations around the chamber. You know the Oracles are coming when you hear a deep, reverberating gong start to chime.

Between Oracles, the team – split into two groups, east and west – should focus on cleaning up enemy spawns. Be particularly mindful of the floating platforms just outside the chamber, as Hobgoblin snipers spawn there. They should be the first to go whenever possible, unless Oracles happen to be spawning.

Once the Oracles start spawning, everyone needs to focus their attention on finding and destroying each one. It doesn’t take much to take one out, maybe a clip, clip and a half worth of ammo from most guns. If you miss one before they disappear, every member of the team is hit with a Mark of Negation, at which point they need to get to the circle of light in the centre of the room, to cleanse themselves. Anyone who’s not cleansed in time dies on the spot, the game doesn't care if you're level 30!

After maybe five waves of Oracles — they appear in increasing numbers with each wave — everything quiets down and a mission marker appears where the circle of light was. That’s the relic. Designate one member of your team to be the relic-holder, and make sure it’s someone capable. They have an important job. The relic must be held at all times throughout the fight to come; drop it for more than a few seconds without someone picking it up, and it’s game over.

Destiny Vault of Glass
Destiny Vault of Glass

The person carrying the relic plays from a third-person perspective. It’s a powerful melee weapon in its own right (similar to the story’s Sword of Crota), and one that the wielder should always use to clear out enemies, as doing so fills the relic’s super meter more quickly. There’s also a bubble shield ability, (L1 on PlayStation 4 controller) ability, which creates protection field for as long as you hold the button down, until the ability’s meter drains (it’s the melee slot ability). Unlike the Titan’s similar Ward of Dawn shield ability, anyone inside the relic bubble can shoot out of it. More importantly, anyone inside the bubble is also cleansed of the Mark of Negation.

The relic’s Super Charge ability fires a slow-moving orb of energy that can temporarily knock out the Templar’s otherwise impervious shield. The relic’s charge meter fills up more quickly than standard super abilities do (and again, taking out enemies speeds this up even more), and the wielder should always coordinate with the team to ensure that all fire focuses on the Templar when its shields fall. The fight doesn’t actually begin until someone grabs the relic (and a checkpoint is created here, so if everyone dies while fighting the Templar, you’ll start from the relic grab).

This is a challenging fight. The Templar fires damaging blasts at anyone it has line of sight on, and that’s happening while minor enemies spawn in from all directions. As if that’s not enough, Oracles also spawn throughout the fight. They’re fewer in number than they were during the preceding phase, but it’s important for the team to stay spread out and watchful for Oracles. Everyone can converge on the relic bearer if a cleanse is needed, but that slows the whole process down.

Speed is important in this fight because you want to try to defeat the Templar before it goes into “Enrage” mode. Once Enraged, Minotaurs start spawning in alongside the smaller Vex enemies, and they’re difficult to manage while you’re also battling the Templar. Communication is key. Listen for the ringing gongs. Find the Oracles when you hear them. Leave most of the Vex spawns for the relic-bearer to clean-up unless you’re taking direct fire, since charging the relic’s super meter is the only way to damage the boss.

There’s still one more twist, however. Whenever the Templar’s shields fall, a random selection of players are dropped into a sort of force field that slows movement and stops bullets. You need to shoot through the field to get rid of it, but you’ll blow yourself up if you use rockets or a grenade. You also die instantly if you escape the bubble without destroying it first. If the relic-bearer ends up inside the bubble, the wielder should jump and quickly press R2 for a ground pound attack that immediately destroys the bubble. It’s also important to note that the Templar teleports to a new location every time its shield comes down.

Destiny Dance
Destiny Dance

Once the fight is over, you can find a chest in a tiny little alcove that runs along the wall (you have to jump to get to it) to the left of where the Templar is at the beginning of the fight. Beyond that chest is also an alternate route down to the next section, and it actually leads to one of that area’s two hidden chests.


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