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Diving into the Labyrinth

Descent into the Gorgon’s Labyrinth

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Once the Templar is defeated, a large, round door opens just behind where it spawned initially. This is another relatively straightforward path. Just keep pushing forward until you reach the edge of a cliff, an apparent dead end.

It’s not though! You’ve got to take a leap of faith here. Just jump out into open space while looking down. Just make sure to jump a second time as you get close to the floor of the cavern. The drop is more than high enough to kill anyone instantly.

That’s all for this bit! Easy, right? Don’t worry. Destiny will soon punish you for daring to believe the challenge might have let up a bit.

Escape the Labyrinth

You’ve already done some platforming, so how about a stealth sequence? The Gorgon’s Labyrinth is one, big stealth arena. Peer around and you’ll see what appear to be white-glowing Vex Harpies on patrol. These are Gorgons. It’s game over if one catches sight of you, so stay clear. The concept is simple enough: Watch the movement patterns and go where they’re not.

It’s considerably more challenging to do that when you’ve got six players in the mix. There’s only one path out of this space, and there’s no easy way to describe it. Just watch the video above to see the most direct route. The entire team should stick close enough that the green dots on your radar become one, large lump of green. Designate one person to lead and follow him or her.

This may take a few tries, but the route is very straightforward once you know it. Just watch for the Gorgons, move as a group, and stay low to the ground whenever possible.

Destiny Vault of Glass
Destiny Vault of Glass

Platforming into Atheon's Chamber

You’re in the home stretch now. Escape the Gorgon’s Labyrinth and you’ll come to a wide chasm with a series of disappearing rock platforms floating in the centre of it. If you look across the open space to the opposite wall, you’ll see a narrow ledge running along the side of it (the ledge is at a lower elevation than where you start off). That’s your goal.

This is actually a whole lot easier than it initially appears, and it’s a downright cakewalk if you’re a Hunter equipped with double-jump. You don’t need to land on every platform, you just need to cross the chasm safely. This isn’t a Darkness Zone either, so re-spawns happen pretty quickly.

You should be able to easily reach one of the platforms in the middle of the chasm without assistance, and then jump from there to the ledge without relying on any other platforms. Just be patient, move carefully, watch the patterns, and don’t let failure – yours or a teammate’s – anger you. Out of all the challenges put before you in Vault of Glass, this may be the easiest. But it’s also the most potentially frustrating.

Once you reach the opposite side, just follow the ledge (to the left, from the perspective of where you came into this room). You’ll eventually reach a more open path that leads to a doorway. That’s your destination. Once everyone gets to the end of the tunnel beyond that doorway, the gate into the final chamber opens. Almost there!

Summoning Atheon

Destiny Vault of Glass
Destiny Vault of Glass

Before you can summon Atheon, the final boss in Vault of Glass, you’ll need to take down two Gate Lords. As with the Templar’s chamber, let’s just take a minute to get a sense of the landscape here.

From the perspective of where you enter the room, there are portals on the left and right sides of the room, with control plates (much like the ones you used to open the Vault originally) connected to each one. Each portal leads to a different point in the timeline, but they’re also visually distinct locations. It’s best to think of the one on the left as the “Mars” portal (since it takes you to a red-orange landscape) and the one on the right as the “Venus” portal (since it takes you to a green-hued landscape).

Right in front of where you enter the room is a deadly drop, with a floating platform square in the middle of it. Just beyond that platform is a large, round space, completely open, with stairs leading up to each portal and another, larger set of stairs leading to the opposite end of the room from where you entered.

This next bit is a little bit tricky. The basic goal is to kill the Gate Lord inside of each portal. There’s a twist though: Once the first one goes down, a Conflux-like machine spawns in the central open area of the main chamber. At that point Minotaurs start to spawn at the top of the large, wide stairway that’s on the opposite end of the room from where you enter, and they’ll sacrifice themselves to the machine just like you encountered in the Templar’s chamber. Too many sacrifices and it’s game over.

Destiny Vault of Glass
Destiny Vault of Glass

So the idea here is to have two or three players venture into each portal, one at a time, to deal with the Gate Lords, while everyone else remains in the present. Before the machine spawns, you’ll want everyone protecting the portal’s activation plate from enemy Praetorians that try to retake it. Once you’ve got a Gate Lord down and the machine spawns, you’ll need to split up to defend both the portal and the machine.

There are a few ways to approach this. You can tackle each gate and Gate Lord, one at a time. You can also venture into each gate to weaken both of the Gate Lords down to a sliver of health. This minimises the amount of time that the team stuck in the present needs to defend both the portal plate and the machine that spawns.

However you choose to approach it, everyone should gather around the machine once both Gate Lords are down. Both portals open up and Minotaurs start streaming in from three directions – their original spawn plus the two portals – as they attempt to sacrifice themselves. Just survive, and prevent as many sacrifices as you can. Hold out for long enough and Atheon will appear.

Destiny Vault of Glass
Destiny Vault of Glass

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