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Multiple Playable Characters for Mass Effect 4

Upon finishing Mass Effect 3, I took to the internet to see if people were sharing my elation, only to realise that players were burning their discs on YouTube, writing endless reams of complaints to Bioware and cursing the whole game, all just for its ending. Not only was this unfair to a game that was a masterpiece by its very design for all of its plus 30 hours of campaign, it was also unfair to a developer who gifted us this incredible universe.

If we are to consider video games as an art form, which they most certainly are, does one write to Christopher Nolan to force him to give us a better conclusion to Bane's character in The Dark Knight Rises (even though it was terribly boring)? Does one write to Steve McQueen asking to give us more backstory to Michael Fassbender's character in Shame? Does one (who was alive at the time) write to Picasso to make the notions he explores in his paintings more apparent?

Of course not. You take it as it is. You discuss it and decide whether you like it or hate and then we can begin an intellectual discussion and dig deeper into the meaning. I don't believe that this exercise should be ignored for video games and I believe that Bioware were incredibly brave in their attempts to give us an ending that didn't wrap everything up, but instead asked us to engage with the material we were presented with. It just wasn't as great as it could have been.

Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3

We were required to look at the pieces Mass Effect 3's ending gave us and figure out our own singular understanding of the events that unfolded. Sure it had its flaws, but what art piece doesn't?

Bioware gifted us an RPG universe that wasn't focused upon the same old elves and dwarves, but instead created races with equally fascinating characteristics and lore. We should have taken the ending as it was and not requested an alteration. Yes it was lacking in the depth of choice that other aspects of the game displayed, I admit the ending had its problems. But let's face it, you're never going to forget the ending to that game while there are countless other games whose endings are long lost to memory and we shouldn't be able to alter endings, otherwise we'd just write the story ourselves.

With this hatred of the ending in mind I'm sure Bioware are pressured by fans to deliver with Mass Effect 4. Therefore, I feel that this outpour of hatred may have in fact backfired on those that demanded a change, in that it may effect the future of the franchise. I believe Bioware need to learn to overlook the complaints that came their way and progress with Mass Effect 4 as they see fit, because these three games were unbelievable and have already laid the path to glory for the next instalment.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3

[Mass Effect](movie:589200) 3 had glorious combat, a great storyline, tremendous choice options and it looked amazing. I really can't fault the game in any of these departments, and aside from that, they threw in a great multiplayer too! The tools for a great Mass Effect 4, lie in the combination of their great single player mechanics and what they introduced in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer.

How many of you stuck with Mass Effect's multiplayer? It demonstrated that behind it's thriving storyline and characters there was an exceptional and involving combat system. Aside from confirming this aspect of Mass Effect it also showed us how playable these alternative races could be.

The multiplayer reinforced your connection with characters that you encountered in single player and rather than simply handing them a gun and throwing them out into a map, Bioware spent time developing individual tactics and abilities that suited each race type. For example the Krogans were brutal, cynical beasts in multiplayer, just as we know them to be. What Mass Effect 4 needs to have is this option available to us from the outset so that we can decide if this is how we would like to interact with the world. The replay-ability would be astronomical!

An additional example demonstrated the Quarians particular combat effectiveness towards the Geth, naturally this was the case seeing as they are their mortal enemy, and they were quick and nimble too. These various play styles and characteristic are what would make Mass Effect 4 an unforgettable experience as we took command of the races we've learned about and love. This could also lend the option for co-op missions in which players could combine their wide array of talents and skills to work together to overcome an enemy.

This is just a thought on my part, but Mass Effect 3 had so much going for it that it would be a horrible shame to look at it as the game with the bad ending.

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