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Karly Rayner

The rebound to end all rebounds has finally chugged to an end after Jennifer Lawrence realized dating the human equivalent of a cashmere v-neck wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

Okay, so I might have made the last bit up, but Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin (why oh why, did Martin Lawrence never take off?!) have officially called it quits according to E! News.

The reason for their split has not been divulged, but I'm sure JLaw's press lovin' nana will be upset about the sudden urgent adjustments to the Christmas seating plan!

Now, go forth Jennifer, and find yourself a guy who isn't reminiscent of the color beige and dweeby uncles. It really isn't that hard!


How do you feel about the breakup of 'Martin Lawrence'?

(Source: The Mirror and Dlisted via E!)


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