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I'm sorry Bamon shippers, but it's time to stop hyperventilating now, the hot date in question is for Elena's fair hand...At least for now.

In the latest teaser for [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) Season 6 Episode 5 (The World Has Turned and Left Me Here), Damon and Bonnie seem to have undergone a personality transplant as 'Peter Pessimist' is resplendent with hope.

As usual, Bonnie seems to have the more sensible head on her shoulders though. I wouldn't trust Kai as far as I could throw him, but I guess Damon finds it easier to empathize with the mindless slaughter.

See whose side you're on in the brand new sneak peek clip below:

Also, I'm loving how our favorite stranded pair have adopted the fashion of the time, Damon needs to rock more of those tight, white boyband vests please!

'The World Has Turned and Left Me Here' will air on October 30th.


Do you think Damon and Bonnie will end up going on a hot date with each other?

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