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The Walking Dead Season 5 is burning rapidly onwards, and AMC just revealed the titles for the next three episodes.

After Sunday's 5.04 'Slabtown,' episodes 5.05 - 5.07 will be titled:

The Choice, Heart Drift, Crossed.

The writers for each episode have also been confirmed, with 'The Choice' by first-time Walking Dead writer Heather Bellson, 'Heart Drift' by Matt Negrete, and 'Crossed' from veteran Seth Hoffman, who penned acclaimed episodes 'Us,' 'Claimed,' and 'Too Far Gone.'

It's worth mentioning that a lot of the new Walking Dead seasons seem to run in 3-episode story arcs - we had a trifecta of Daryl & Beth action last season, and most recently the action at Terminus ran until Gareth and his remaining cronies were brutally dispatched in episode 5.03.

So what arc are 'The Choice,' 'Heart Drift,' and 'Crossed' going to take? The Walking Dead often picks its episode titles to encompass double meanings, comic references, and vital plot points, so please share your ideas below!

'Crossed' in particular seems ripe for interpretation: there were crosses on the back of the cars that took Beth, and possibly Rick and co. will 'cross' paths with her kidnappers?

What do you think the new Walking Dead titles mean?


Do you have any ideas about what the next 3 Walking Dead episode titles could mean?

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