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It's a dark world which Jake Gyllenhaal inhabits in his macabre new satire, Nightcrawler...

Gyllenhaal's Lou Bloom is a sociopath whose desperation to succeed makes him almost unemployable. That is, until he's in the vicinity of a gruesome car crash, sees swarms of cameramen buzzing around the wreckage, and finally finds the career for which he's best-suited: destruction.

Check out the red-band trailer for the movie, right here. It's dark:

THAT is how you advertise for a movie like this one. Well done. This looks awesome.

Gyllenhaal certainly looks like he'll be getting his hands dirty for this one, and it's really easy to get the sense that the movie's going to get grim. Funny at times, sure, but even with this trailer, you can tell it's brutal. And with all the previews suggesting it's a top notch L.A. satire, my hype for Nightcrawler is sky high.

Nightcrawler will be released this Friday, October 31st.



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