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OK, gang. Are you ready for some brand-spanking-new, blood-soaked, action packed and distinctly animated Judge Dredd action?

Of course you are.

Well then, do we have some good news for you - Adi Shankar's all-new, all-unofficial online Judge Dredd (or, rather, Judge Death-focused) miniseries has been released, and it's...pretty much everything we were hoping for.

The 90's MTV styled animation may be...unexpected, but other than that - and the thoroughly reinforced note that the series is very much unofficial, and very adult - consider the series ready, willing, able, and awaiting your viewing pleasure.

Specifically, just below, where you can watch all six episodes of the series.


Adi Shankar's Introduction

In which Shankar describes exactly what his 'bootleg universe' is.

Episode 1: Judge Sydney

In which Judge Sydney is seriously messed up...

Episode 2: The Angel Gang

In which Friday night's alright...for blowing things up.

Episode 3: Judge Death

In which Judge Death arrives, and everything gets seriously messed up.

Episode 4: Rico & Vienna

In which a certain someone finally arrives...

Episode 5: In Death We Trust

In which Death is discussed, and then things get really weird.

And, finally...

Episode 6: Dredd vs Death

In which things really kick off, and Dredd gets heartless...

So. The big question. What do you guys think?


Judge Dredd: Superfiend - Yay or Nay?

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