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Now, when I say 'won at Comic-Con,' I should probably clarify - Katee Sackhoff didn't, as far as I know, win some sort of elaborate contest or Calvinball-like sporting event at this years London Film & Comic Con Winter. That being said, I wouldn't put it past the geek-icon and actress, seeing as what she definitely did do is comprehensively win at attending Comic-Con as a special guest.

"How," you ask?

Well, in this here video, showcasing the very best of this year's Cosplay, she only went and... Actually, y'know what? You should definitely see this one for yourself.

(If you're getting antsy, head to the 0:41 mark, where it all very much kicks off...)

Yup. That's right. She totally just Starbuck-ed it up a notch.

And when we say Starbuck-ed...

...we really...


...mean Starbuck-ed. As in, just danced past a row of Battlestar Galactica Cosplayers, kind of Starbuck-ed.

And you know what that means? Katee Sackhoff just officially became even more awesome - which wasn't previously believed to be scientifically possible.

Now, if somebody at [Marvel](channel:932254) would just hire her to be Ms. Marvel, already...


What do you guys reckon? Just how awesome is Katee Sackhoff's Bad-Ass Battlestar Dance?

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