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Ok. Everyone is excited about the upcoming Avengers Film Age of Ultron, right? I mean who couldn't be excited about it? Guys, we are not just talking about Age of Ultron, we're talking about the entire future of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. This is what you need to know about the upcoming Avenger films.

1. Ultron was originally created by Dr. Hank Pym alias The Giant, or Antman. In the original comics Pym Created Ultron a an assistant for his lab, and made him an AI. Now this what's important: Ultron was designed as a computer that was smarter than any other and could think for itself. What Tony Stark created isn't quite the same. If you haven't seen the trailer yet here it is. It's essential to what I'm talking about

okay So the Tony Stark's Ultron was made to be a Computer, with brain waves and a personality. Essentially, a human robot. While Hank Pyms was supposed to be a computer that made its own decisions.

2. Avengers 3: Will be awesome. (I hope)

You see guys you may have heard of the Civil War, maybe, kinda,you have. You also may have heard some arguing about whether Marvel will do the Infinity Gauntlet story line or the Civil War, and I'm here to tell you this: they can do both. Shocker, right? There are actually 2 different universes inside of Marvel. the Marvel Cosmic Universe and the Marvel Earthbound Universe. Guardians of the Galaxy is Cosmic, Avengers is Earthbound. By now you've probably put it all together. Now at point marvel merged them, when you say? duh. Infinity gauntlet with Thanos and all the other nasties.

3. Captain America 3: Will probably kick off the Civil War.

Now you have seen most or all (like me) of the Marvel movies in the past ten years. if you haven't seen any of them you shouldn't be reading this. Captain America rebels against the government and creates his own army, essentially, of super heroes against stark and his Army. I personally think the news of Iron Man being cast in Cap 3 is more than just a cameo, he's gonna be the villain kicking of the Civil War. I think this because we've already seen in the trailer for Age of Ultron The Avengers at wits end separated and fighting each other, especially Thor and Stark. And not to mention Banner and Stark. Notice that in both these situations Stark is involved. The Avengers maybe fighting Stark because he made Ultron, which may destroy the planet.

3. The Hulk: is losing control

If you notice in the trailer Banner is basically losing the entire time, which may lead to Stark along with the other Illuminati shooting Bruce up into space into planet hulk making a Planet Hulk story line. but for that you would need Dr. Strange which we will have soon, Dark Bolt which hasn't even been talked about, Namor, which hasn't been even mentioned, and Xavier, which may happen if Disney buys the X-men, but that probably won't happen because Fox and Disney don't get along.

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Will Civil War, Infinity Gauntlet, (and Planet hulk for the few devoted fans) happen?


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