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Bungie's Lessons for its Old Series

So it's all happened. Bungie let Halo go in order to work on Destiny. 343 took over and gave us an incredible experience with Halo 4, Destiny was released to mixed reviews and now the wait has begun for Halo 5. What can 343 learn from Destiny in order to ensure that their beautiful model isn't jeopardised by similar mistakes exhibited by NextGen?

Let's go through 5 things that Halo 5: Guardians requires in order to win fans over, because at the moment we are in desperate need for some real accomplishments on our PS4 and Xbox One consoles.



Beautiful visuals are NOT a good selling point for a game. Take a look at Destiny, it really is the most beautiful game to have ever graced a console. But eventually you stop staring at the incredible level and world design and try to focus upon the combat or the story. The combat is of course excellent, but all you do is shoot, and the story is a non-existent entity. Therefore, we will not accept visuals as the main selling point for Halo 5 and be left with a void.

Multiplayer Maps

I feel that Destiny did quite a good job with regards to maps in multiplayer, after all they are famous for it. The only ones I have difficulty with are the ones that are too large. You spend half the time running around trying to find an enemy, therefore missing out on valuable kills.

This was combated beautifully in Halo, as we had a variety of different vehicles, both ground and air, which could take combat to two different levels and throwing them all into one large map concealed the issue of size. Titanfall showed great promise with maps in terms of size and variety, though that was entirely multiplayer so its success hinged upon it. So far, 343 have done great work with maps in Halo 4, though no particular map is jumping to mind. What do you guys think of Halo 4's maps?

Halo 4
Halo 4

"Find the Thing, Shoot the Thing" is Not a Game!

Titanfall and Destiny both displayed this issue, the story surrounding why you were doing the inordinate amount of killing you were doing is either non existent or too bland. Despite gamer's love for killing things, we do like to feel like there is a reason behind why we are tasked to do it. Destiny is shameless in this respect. "You've been dead a long time." That's all the background you get!! Appalling stuff and your character doesn't even respond to this statement!

Please ensure that what makes John-117 great stays intact. We want to feel for his character, particularly after the loss of Cortana. Explore his psyche and how he is functioning after this tremendous loss.

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We're Not Afraid of a Challenge!

The greatest aspect of both Destiny and Titanfall are the moments were they present difficulty. Their mechanics are a lot of fun, but leave you feeling overpowered at times. Enemies just fall and fall, but when challenges are thrown our way, that's when the ultimate test of gameplay mechanics takes place.

Destiny has demonstrated this with Vault of Glass. They have created a punishingly difficult raid that has brought players together in order to overcome its challenges. It has brought the only community aspect to the game and we've shown them that we want more. Halo 5 shouldn't be afraid to turn up that difficulty!


Bullet Sponges Are Not Bosses

For the love of god, they were so boring. Every single boss that stepped through a gate or was waiting for you in an area of Destiny was so bland and you didn't know why you had to fight them. But none of them took any degree of alteration from how you tackle normal enemies; shoot at them.

This is not a boss. They should present crazy challenges that we have to adapt to and learn from. We should ALWAYS die a few times from trying to fight a boss, therefore we learn and the experience of defeating them is far more satisfying. The same goes for Titanfall, the bosses just weren't asking you to change up your approach tactics.


With all this in mind, we just want 343 to SHOW us the story in Halo 5. If there is a little bot that follows us around spouting out exposition, that's not a story and nor are the awful short cinematics. Give us more of what we saw before and don't be tempted to follow in the footsteps of so many NextGen games!


Which is your favourite Halo game?


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