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The world of Berk that was introduced in [How to Train Your Dragon 2](movie:44736), with Dragons and Vikings living side by side, was incredibly popular. The start of the movie showed a Dragon race, which all the citizens of Berk seemed to enjoy, except, perhaps, the sheep.

What the rest of the movie showed, however, was that it could not all be peace and harmony, and that there were plenty of evil forces that sought to kill dragons, or to use them for their own purposes.

You can relive the first 5 minutes of How To Train Your Dragon 2 HERE:

Hiccup: Unlikely Leader of Berk

As anyone who has seen How To Train Your Dragon 2 will know, Hiccup is much happier exploring the world with Toothless than he is back at home in Berk, dealing with the problems of village life.

However, after the death of Stoik the Vast, Hiccup is now the chief of Berk, and leading the vikings is his responsibility.

And there may be a threat on the horizon bigger than any he has faced so far!

Stoick the Vast takes council from fellow vikings!
Stoick the Vast takes council from fellow vikings!

How To Train Your Dragon 3: The BIGGEST Spoiler is Yet To Come!

If you are unfamiliar with the How To train Your Dragon books, and don't want to know how it will all turn out for Hiccup, Toothless, and the rest of the Vikings and Dragons of Berk, then now is probably the right time to stop reading.

However, if you want to know [How to Train Your Dragon 3](movie:570818)'s biggest secret, then brace yourself!


Where are the dragons going in HTTYD 3?
Where are the dragons going in HTTYD 3?

All the dragons will die. Every one of them!

Or, at least, they will disappear. The very first lines of the first book read:

There were Dragons when I was a boy

By this time, Hiccup is an old man reflecting back on his life, and his adventures with Dragons. The big question then is: why did they go? Was there a force big enough to kill every single dragon? Did sharing a village with dragons becomes too difficult? Or did they simply decide to travel elsewhere?

What do you think? Is the disappearance of the Dragons the biggest spoiler of How To Train Your Dragon 3? Write in with your own thoughts below the line!


Where do you think the Dragons all go?


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